Most Expensive CCG Cards

Most Expensive CCG Cards

Most Expensive CCG Cards

Collectable card game (CCG) also known as the customizable card game is a variety of playing cards started its journey in 1993 among the civilization. In this game, the participant employs their own punch with cards chiefly vends in arbitrary hodgepodges. As a kid, it might not imaginable that one day, the price of your early age collectible cards will be brought a handsome amount.

An American gamer, Richard Channing Garfield have created the “Magic; The Gathering” and the famous US game publisher wizards have patented it. Although the price of the CCG is comparing cheap but there are some which attract collectors to spend a lot. A brief list of most expensive CCG cards is as following -

Armament of the Lethal Lords: $1.7 million

armament of the lethal lords

Although this was not sold, but the coolest card have the asking price of unbelievably high. A prevailing giant, the Armament card was prized to the winner in 2006 World Championship.  Because of overt power, there are logistic bindings to bring the card to the deck.

Pikachu Illustrator: $100,000


After the debut in 1995, Pikachu became the most authentic performer in the Pokémon customizable cards game.  “Pikachu Illustrator” a Japanese card was prepared as a souvenir for a drawing contest of Pokémon fan. Among all Pokémon cards, only four are traced to be survived.

Alpha Black Lotus: $27,000


Magic: The Gathering card has the power to win few games easily and might be very advantageous in the early stage of games. But these pioneer cards are at present proscribed for competition. Among 1,100 of printed cards, one was auctioned in 2013.

Squirtle Snap Card: $11,000


64 DD Nintendo was the originator of the Snap Card. An innovative promotion campaign was started for launching this card in 1999. Civilians were encouraged to take a photograph where the frontrunners would get their picture printed and accept them as the performer on the card.

Tropical Mega Battle 2001: $10,000

Pre-Release Raichu Cards: $10,000

No. 1 Trainer: $7656


Time Walk: $4,000


Crush Card Virus: $3,000


Spectral Tiger: $1,000


This customized cards games have an increasingly high popularity. Due to being the major element, the CCG cards are very important part of this game. Having an incredible monoester card may enhance your chance of winning. With the increasing popularity, these cards might be a good source of investment.