Most Expensive Psychic Mediums

Most Expensive Psychic Mediums

Most Expensive Psychic Mediums

There has always been a chaos around the authenticity of the arguments made by psychics but the only thing that matters is how strongly they connect with their patients on an emotional level. Here is a list of the most expensive psychics with their charge per session:

1. George Anderson: $ 1200

george anderson

He is a very famous intuitive and is one of the greatest mediums alive today. Having conducted more than thirty thousand sessions, he still spends his time on the people who have suffered the loss of loved ones.

2. John Edward: $ 850

john edwards

The host to a popular T.V show – Crossing over, he gained his fame not only because of being exquisite television personnel but also, through his words. He is a speaker and author who provides motivation to the people in need.

3. Colette Baron-Reid: $ 800

colette baron reid

She is a bestselling author and is known for her extreme wit and knowledge. Her candor is such that she spiritualizes a lot of people that may engage in making a conversation with her. She is recognized internationally.

4. Chip Coffey: $650

chip coffey

He has helped a lot of people trough his cleverness and his people management skills. He holds a number of events to help the people who need to connect emotionally. It is no surprise that he is such a great psychic as it runs in his family.

5. Michelle Whitedove: $600

michelle whitedove

6. Carmen Harra: $400

carmen harra

7. Aiden Chase: $395

aiden chase

8. Tony Leroy: $250

tony leroy

9. Thomas John: $ 200


10. Carrie Carter: $150


They may not be able to anticipate the future but, these people are known to have a strong intuition. They have the power to communicate and conduct counseling in ways that are the most effective. Most people depend on their psychics to seek for guidance in their decisions.