Most Expensive Chopard

Most Expensive Chopard

Most Expensive Chopard

In the reign of precious jewelry, watches and accessories, Swiss Chopard is the name of an invincible company established by Louis Ulysse Chopard in 1860. The dominion of delicate watches and chronometers based on unsullied and revolutionary ideas was the main intent of the company.

Schedules proved an entire segment by purchasing the company so far the Pforzheim-based family was already engaged into the jewelry and watch manufacturing business. Chopard does not confide on the base steering of the other companies moreover they put forth expensive stones, diamonds and gems to inscribe into the watches to make the value and price elevated. Let’s have a deep glance into the list of the top ten most expensive Chopard watches.

1. Chopard 201-Carat Watch: $ 25 million

chopard 201 carat watch

Possibly the most expensive watch in the world is Chopard 201-Carat Watch with white and yellow diamonds that weigh 163 carats in addition to the pink, blue and white heart-shaped diamonds those weight15, 12 and 11 carats, respectively. A special squeeze process would open up the three heart diamonds to bring the time to light. The worth of the diamonds solitary offers it the vanity of being the most expensive watches ever produced.

2. Chopard Blue Diamond Ring: $16.26 million


World’s rarest elliptical shaped 9 carat Blue diamond in the centre of an 18 carat white gold ring is the main desirability of this stunning piece. Triangular shaped white diamond setting has increased its glory to a level that can demolish the appeal of any other diamond rings in front of it.

3. Superb Diamond and Emerald Necklace: $3 million


Tough effort and innovativeness is clearly observed in the mind arresting pretty Diamond and emerald Necklace. Approximately 191 carat green Colombian emeralds in a beautiful balance with 16 carat of diamonds make it so high in value.

4. Chopard Super Ice Cube Watch: $1.1 million


The posh Chopard Super Ice Cube consists of jewels that have been cut and shaped like ice cubes. The quadrangle dial and the wristlet are formed of white gold encrusted with baguette-cut diamonds. Weighing in at 60 karats it has an anti-scratch sapphire crystal face with its water resistant to 160 feet.

5. Chopard Secret Watch: $508,000


6. Chopard Sunglasses: $ 400,000


7. Chopard Xtravaganza XL Rose Gold Watch: $ 92,740


8. Chopard Imperiale Quartz 28 mm White Gold Watches: $90,600


9. Chopard Imperiale Automatic 40 mm White Gold Watch: $90,600


10. Chopard Imperiale Automatic 36 mm White Gold Watch: $65,740

Chopard is the name of glamour, luxury, sophistication and elegance as the highest quality and accuracy of the jewelry and watches can defend them from any other of the world. Having a most expensive Chopard perceptibly upgrade your status among all you met.