Most Expensive Taxi Fares In The US

Most Expensive Taxi Fares In The US

Most Expensive Taxi Fares In The US

Metro cities that have a booming tourism industry often get costly for it’s natives. Here is a list of cities that blow away your budget as soon as you step out of the airport:

1. Honolulu, Hawaii $ 21.05

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With an initial fare of $3.50 and a per mile charge of $3.60, the taxi fare in Honolulu is the highest within the entire country. As the largest city in the state of Hawaii and a major tourist spot, Honolulu has a high cost of living across the board.

2. Santa Barbara, California $ 20.06

santa barbara

The city that lies between the steeply rising, and acting as a backdrop, Santa Ynez mountains and with a Mediterranean climate is also one of the cities with the most expensive taxi fares. Initial fare of $2.10 and a per mile charge of $3.70.

3. Cambridge, Massachusetts $ 19.95


Cambridge is the fifth most populous city in the state and home to the two of the most prominent universities in the world, Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Located across the Charles River, Cambridge was named in honor of Britain’s University of Cambridge. The initial fare of a taxi in this city is $1.95 with a per mile charge of $3.60.

4. Norman, Oklahoma $ 19.50


Norman is a part of the Oklahoma metropolitan area which is the most tornado-prone area in the world. The largest university in the state is also located in the city, the University of Oklahoma with approximately 30,000 students enrolled. The charges of hiring a taxi in this city will include an initial fare of $5.75 and a per mile charge of $2.75.

5. Trenton, New Jersey $ 19.00


6. Charlottesville, Virginia $ 18.00


7. Henderson, Nevada $ 17.75


8. Buffalo, New York $ 17.30


9. Bloomfield, Connecticut $ 16.50

bloomfield All cities have some sort of public transportation that is much cheaper, such as bus services or subway trains.