Most Expensive Vacation Rentals in USA

Most Expensive Vacation Rentals in USA

Most Expensive Vacation Rentals in USA

Vacation is all about spending money and enjoying the best out of it. Once in a lifetime you need to spend money on enjoying luxury vacation. Right from the luxury stay to expensive food, all these give a new dimension to your vacation. If you are holidaying in USA, then there are few most expensive vacation rentals in USA to get the best experience.

Below is the list of expensive vacation rentals in USA:

1. Babalua Beach Villa, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos – $ 7,600 per night

babalua beach villa, providenciales, turks and caicos

Located in Turks and Caicos, the villa consists of 7 bedrooms and 6 and a half bathroom. The villa can accommodate 20 guests at a time. The package includes use of snorkelling equipment, glass-bottom kayaks and life jackets.

2. Private Ski In Ski Out Home, Park City, Utah – $ 7,500 per night

private ski in ski out home, park city, utah

This private house in Park City, Utah allows guests to enjoy skiing and snowboarding. The house comprises of seven bedrooms and seven and a half bathrooms and can accommodate up to 22 people. The entire villa is fully furnished with hot tubs, saunas and fireplaces.

3. Private Beach Estate, Punta Mita, Mexico – $ 6,000 per night

private beach estate, punta mita, mexico

This private beach is located in Punta Mita in Mexico. It consists of five bedrooms and six and a half bathrooms to offer comfort. The villa can consist of 24 people to accommodate.  It also has two beach clubs and world class golf courses, tennis courts and surf shop.

4. Majestic Oceanfront Estate, Kailua, Hawaii – $ 4,990 per night

majestic oceanfront estate, kailua, hawaii
This majestic villa is located in Kailua in Hawaii. It covers 18,000 sq ft area and has 8 rooms. The villa consists of private courtyard and a cabana poolside to further enhance the atmosphere.

5. Wailea Sunset Estate, Wailea-Makena, Hawaii – $ 4,750 per night

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This estate villa is located in Wailea-Makena, Hawaii. It consists of our bedrooms and five and a half bathrooms. The villa offers the most relaxing experience to its guests.

Other expensive vacation rentals in USA are:

6. Camelback Vista, Phoenix, Arizona – $ 4,000 per night

camelback vista, phoenix, arizona

7. Atlantic Coast Waterfront Villa, Miami Beach, Florida – $ 4,000 per night

atlantic coast waterfront villa, miami beach, florida

8. Maui North Beach Front Villa, Paia, Hawaii – $ 3,900 per night

maui north beach front villa, paia, hawai

9. Private Gated Acres, Asheville, North Carolina – $ 3,200 per night

private gated acres, asheville, north carolina

10. Atlantic Coast Oceanfront Condo, Miami Beach, Florida – $ 2,800 per night

atlantic coast oceanfront condo, miami beach, florida

Staying in any of this above expensive rental in USA will be the most amazing way of holidaying with family and friends.