Most Expensive Hotel Rooms in Europe

Most Expensive Hotel Rooms in Europe

Most Expensive Hotel Rooms in Europe

Ever wondered staying in a hotel room which might costs more than your month’s salary? Loaded with world-class amenities and comforts like private pool, bar, magnificent view, personal butler and all that you can imagine, these rooms give a new height to luxury. 

1. Royal Penthouse Suite at the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva - $ 60,000

royal penthouse suite at the hotel president wilson in geneva

Imagine lounging on a 1700 square-meter room with view of the mountains around the lake and having a Nespresso. This outrageously priced penthouse has everything one needs and covers the entire floor of the hotel with 12 rooms. 

2. Royal Villa, Grand Resort Lagonissi - Athens, Greece – $50,000

royal villa, grand resort lagonissi   athens, greece

With ace artwork, private pools inside and outside, BBQ, and tasteful décor, this villa fulfills your dream of luxury staycation.  

3. Royal Suite at the Hotel Plaza Athenee in Paris, France – $40,000

royal suite at the hotel plaza athenee in paris, france

Overlooking the one of the most famous landmark of the city – Eifel Tower, this suit has four bedrooms, two lounges, kitchen and office space. The bathrooms are done in Italian marble sourced from Verona and also has Jacuzzi and sauna.

4. Sultan Suite, Çira?an Palace Kempinski, Istanbul - $35,000

sultan suite, ira an palace kempinski, istanbul   $35,000

Overlooking the Bosporus, the Sultan Suite is a 3000 square-feet and comes with a 24- hour butler service. With the most beautiful Turkish interiors, the suite also has four LCD TVs around.  

5. Penthouse Suite at the Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez in Cannes, France – $30,000

penthouse suite at the grand hyatt cannes hotel martinez in cannes, france

6. Presidential Suite, Hotel Cala di Volpe - Costa Smeralda, Italy – $ 28,000

presidential suite, hotel cala di volpe   costa smeralda, italy

7. Suite Cupola, Westin Excelsior - Rome, Italy - $ 25,000

suite cupola, westin excelsior   rome, italy

8. Presidential Suite, Hotel Martinez, Cannes, France - $ 20,000

penthouse suite hotel martinez cannes france

9. Ritz-Carlton Suite, Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Moscow, Russia – $ 16,400

ritz carlton suite, ritz carlton hotel, moscow, russia

10. Royal Suite, Four Seasons George V, Paris, France – $ 15,447

royal suite, four seasons george v, paris, france

With abundance of luxury and comfort, you are sure to feel special and on top of the world.