Most Expensive Security Systems

Most Expensive Security Systems

Most Expensive Security Systems

The idea behind the security systems exists to provide protection and safety from possible threats of rape, murder, burglaries and assaults. Investing in it is like investing in another form of insurance where the benefits may not be instant, nonetheless the protection one acquires stands immeasurably. High profilers, public figures, leaders, Billionaires and multimillionaires need to invest in the best of the best security systems as they are extra vulnerable to the delinquencies.

These People prevail everyday kidnapping and robbery threats by securing their families and prized possessions behind these top notch, state of the art, most expensive security systems.

1. Luxury bunkers (Price:1.5 million onwards)

housetohome news apocalypse bunker3

Perfect escape plan when nothing else works in the case of emergency and disasters like earthquakes, fires and chemical bombings. The best part of steel reinforced concrete structure is, it is provided with basic survival as well as luxury amenities that can last up to 3 generations.

2. Anti-Missile Device on a Private Jet (price: $1 million)

anti missile device on aprivate jet

Top notch airborne safety for airborne millionaires or VIPs on their private jets. These anti-missile devices are built with electronic jamming systems which impede the incoming missile attack by blocking the missile’s infrared system’s capability to track and launch.

3. Yacht Security systems (Price: $250,000 - $500,000)

superyacht security system

A cabin in a yacht is turned into a bulletproof fortress made up of ballistic glass, fully aided with top class communication to contact help across the ocean and two to three days’ worth of food this cabin is designed against pirate’s attacks.

4. Safe Core ($150,000)

safe core

Safe core protects super-rich houses by proofing a core of their house, including the floor from the bullets and the bombs and not just a single room. Under conditions of threats, a week’s supply help the household in sustenance.

5. Heliports ($ 60,000)

download heliport

6. NBC Shelter ($50,000 onwards)

asr 100 av nbc safe cell installed in a shelter 01 1024w

7. Burglar Blasters ($ 50,000)

bblaster decintegrator

8. Secret Passageways ($ 40,000)


9. Safe room door ($ 20,000)

safe door

10. Biometric Access Control System


The prices may vary depending upon the factors like the buying price one has to pay upfront, the installation process, after sales service and the number of features selected. The peace of mind which, these systems provide is worth any cost.