Most Expensive Comic Books

Most Expensive Comic Books

Most Expensive Comic Books

Do you know what the easiest way of getting rich in our day is? It is much laid-back than you think it is. You need not rob a bank or even start an enterprise of your own, saving yourself from all the inherent risks involved. You will be shocked by this revelation!

Just trade some of your childhood comic strips. We are being absolutely honest with you here. Collectors can freely confirm how much their comic books are worth. Here we have a list prepared for you about the most expensive comic books in the world. Brace yourselves to be bewildered.

1. Action Comics 1 - $2.89 million


The list is headed by Action Comics 1 at a whopping price of $2.89 million.It is so treasured because there are perhaps only 100 copies left on earth, and not many come close to a decent condition. A copy of this comic book was found of latecloistering someone’s wall fetching him $175k.

2. Detective Comics 27 - $2.57 million


Second on this list are the Detective Comics. Its significance is the debut of The Batman, accompanied by Commissioner Gordon and the City of Gotham. Reiterations of the storyline made their place in Tim Burton’s famous batbuster. We in time find Batman’s beginning in the issue 33, and Robin finds her way in #38

3. Superman 1 - $715,000

superman 1

In the third place, we have Superman 1. Like in the previous entry, in this one we get to know the origin of Superman. It is the first incursion into super heroism. At a staggering value of $715,000, it definitely had to be placed on this list of the most coveted and expensive comic strips in the world.

4. Detective Comics 1 - $535,000

detective comics 1

5. Marvel Comics 1 - $499,000

marvel comics 1

6. All-American Comics 16 - $478,000

all american comics 16

7. Batman 1 - $440,000

batman 1

8. Amazing Fantasy 15 - $407,000

amazing fantasy 15

Hasn’t this list inspired you to dig up some of your childhood collections to see if you possess any of these high-priced comic books? The dollars that they can yield are absolutely stupefying. These comics will indeed come handy to help you earn thousand dollar bills, if not million dollars.