Most Expensive Lotus Cars

Most Expensive Lotus Cars

Most Expensive Lotus Cars

Lotus is a well renowned manufacturer in Britain for racing and sports cars. This brand is famous for its sports cars like Esprot, Europa, Elise and Elan. This brand also had its Team Lotus in Formula One.

The company is known for producing light weight racing automobiles with superb handling features. It’s manufacturing unit or its engineering consultancy, “Lotus Engineering” has been providing its services across several countries like Malaysia, United Kingdom, China and the United States. 

This company is owned by DRB-HICOM through its subsidiary company, Proton. Following described are the most expensive Lotus sports cars available in the world.

1. 1997 The Lotus Elise GT1 - $1,100,000

1997 the lotus elise gt1

The Lotus Elise has been developed for grand tourer-style sports car racing since 1997. Being a racing car, it was claimed that it could compete with 3.5l v8 engine old esprit racing car. It is affixed with hew land six-speed chronological gear box. It can attain the top speed of 378km/hr.

2. 2010 Lotus x125 Exos - $1,000,000

2010 lotus x125 exos   $1,000,000

Lotus x125 was developed after gaining inspiration from formula one racing car. This car has a 3.5 v8 engine which produces 649bph horsepower and can reach the maximum speed of 320km/hr and takes only 2.6 seconds to reach 0-100 km/hr.

3. 2010 Lotus Evora GTE f1team limited edition - $200,000


This Lotus F1 limited edition evora GTE is an exceptional example of a car that has been in limited supply. Its body is framed with complete carbon fiber. It has 3.5 liter supercharged v6 engine and can produce 440 bph horsepower.

4. 2010 Lotus Evora S - $150,000


This high priced Evora S was launched in the year 2010 with a supercharged equipped 3.5 liter v6 engine. It produces 350 bph horsepower. It reaches the maximum speed of 277 km/hr and can run about 0-100km/hr in 4.8 seconds.

5. 2012 Lotus Exige v6 cup - $150,000

2012 lotus exige v6 cup

6. 2015 Lotus Evora 400 - $150,000

2015 lotus evora 400   $150,000

7. 2012 Lotus Exige S roadster - $130,000

2012 lotus exige s roadster   $130,000

8. 2011 Lotus Exige S - $130,000

2011 lotus exige s   $130,000

This racing cars brand is definitely stylish and perfect for zooming down the road. Its light weight feature makes it easy to handle. The outer body of each of its car has been given special attention to make it look stunning. The internal engineering is also of superior quality.