Most Expensive Toaster

Most Expensive Toaster

Most Expensive Toaster

Designer kitchens are becoming a common scene throughout the world. This is partly because cooking places have ceased to be private compartments only accessible to members of the family and close friends, and are fast becoming host rooms for all visitors.

Even if you are the conservative type, a kitchen makeover will always give you something beautiful to look forward to when coming home. Ovens are a welcome addition to any such efforts. This is not to say that the most expensive toasters are necessarily the best, however the following have certain features that make them irresistibly unique:

1. Dualit Gold Toaster - $1100

dualit gold toaster

The 24-carat toaster combines beauty, class and functionality into one thing. Its 168 components are all assembled by hand and for that special touch, the designer’s name is inscribed at the bottom plate. If you would like to be the talk of the neighborhood, this will do!

2. The Noun - $1000

the noun   $1000

Bugatti has made it once again with a world class Toaster. The Noun is made of glass- that means you get to see the inside. Any thermo expert will tell you how costly it is to come up with a glass heat transfer technology; this is worth it.

3. KitchenAid Pro Line Toaster - $500


At $500, you can get this ergonomically designed machine that gives provides so many options for your bread.  It has an eye-catching body with beautiful sets of lights and reassuring sounds.  Almost every task is automated here, from lowering bread to reheating.

4. Dualit Combi Polished - $382

dualit combi polished

5. DualitCombi - $331

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6. Breville smart oven - $249

breville smart oven   $249

The Breville Smart Oven marks the lower limit for the high-end toasters in market.  Integrated with Smartphone technology, you can literally direct the oven on how to prepare your food across the other side of the room.

Obviously, thesetoasters are definitely worth the best choice. Take your time when making a pick.  As long as you go for quality, regardless of price, you will have a long lasting kitchen companion as well as one that defines your personality.