Most Expensive Mercedes Cars

Most Expensive Mercedes Cars

Most Expensive Mercedes Cars

One of the oldest and well known names in the industry of automobiles, Mercedes has its own class.   These automobiles have a huge price tag for numerous reasons, their lavish embellishments, effective motors, rich history and great performance.

This German organization was established by Karl Benz in 1926 and has been manufacturing one of the best and expensive cars on the planet.

1. 1954 Mercedes Formula 1 Race Car - $29.6 Million

wailea sunset estate, wailea makena

This specific Mercedes Benz makes it to the top of the list as it speaks about precious history. This car is the same car that was driven by acclaimed, Juan Manuel Fangio, to set equation 1 world record. The cost of the car is $29.6 million.

2. SLR McLaren Red Gold Dream - $10 Million

slr mclaren red gold dream

This 2011 Mercedes Benz Red Gold Dream costs a stunning $10 million dollars. The Red Gold Dream is additionally intense, highlighting a 5.4 liter V8 motor which delivers a whooping 999 hp and 735 kW torque.

3. C112 Mercedes Benz Concept - $4 Million

c112 mercedes benz concept

This 1991 Mercedes Benz is the most established and effective Mercedes idea available today and costs $4 million. The C112 has a 6 liter V12 motor which is equipped for reaching 0 to 100 km/h in 4.9 seconds.

4. CLK GTR AMG Roadster - $3.5 Million

clk gtr amg roadster

This limited addition cars has a 6.9l V12 engine and capable of reaching a top speed of 320km/h.  It was manufactured primarily for racing the new FIA GT Championship series in 1997. The car can reach 0 to 100km/h in 3.8 seconds.

5. CLK GTR AMG Coupe - $3 Million

clk gtr amg coupe

6. Concept S-Class Coupe - $2 Million

concept s class coupe

7. SLR McLaren Mansory Renovatio - $1.5 Million

slr mclaren mansory renovatio

8. SLR McLaren SLR FAB Design Desire - $1.43 Million

slr mclaren slr fab design desire

It is an actuality that Mercedes is a standout amongst the most prevalent auto marks on the planet. This can be credited to the way that Mercedes-Benz focuses on making autos for the top of the line auto market. When you purchase a Mercedes, you don't expect anything however the best. Obviously, the more cash a potential client needs to spend, the more conveniences are accessible.