Most Expensive Hotels in Sydney

Most Expensive Hotels in Sydney

Most Expensive Hotels in Sydney

Hotels and inns are the place of accommodation away from home. They prove to be the shelter in the vacation. They are the place where people go to relax, meet people, or spend some quality time with their loved ones. A vacation is incomplete without a hotel stay.

A hotel is an irreplaceable part of a tour. Hotels can be of any size and any price. Some maybe dirt-cheap and in a small patch of land whereas others maybe of thousands of floors.

Let us have a look at the most expensive hotels in Sydney

1. Park Hyatt - $17,000

park hyatt sydney

This hotel in Sydney is a 360 square meter house. It has a private terrace with view to the Sydney harbor; it boasts a two-bedroom suite with a kitchen and a dining hall capable enough to have 8 people.

2. Four seasons- $5500

four seasons

This hotel is of 156 square meter. It has two bedroom with a bathroom. The view from the room is of Sydney harbor. It also has a dining room for 10 guests.

3. The Westin- $5500

the westin sydney

The 150 square meter hotel has a study, king size bed, a shower which can be turned into a steam room, a dining table, etc. There are city views from its windows too.

4.    Shangri la-$5005


This huge 242 square-metered suite is cool enough to impress you and your accomplice. It has its own study and has a pillow menu with a marble bathroom.

5. The darling at the star casino- $5000


6. Sheraton on the park- $5000

sheraton on the park sydney australia

7. Intercontinental Sydney - $4000


8. The Langham- $3500


9. Hilton- $2700


10. Sir Stamford- $1500


Nothing in the world would be impossible if you have enough of money. You either make it possible or find someone who can make it possible for you. The millionaires do the same when they go on vacation and use the hotels.