Most Expensive Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Most Expensive Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Most Expensive Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Ray- Ban is the world’s leading brand of sunglasses with a history dating back to 1937. Having conceived  iconic designs  such as the Aviator or the retro Clubmaster, Ray- ban over the years has grown in acceptance with  celebrities, politicians, Athletes  and socialites the world over preferring the most expensive Ray-Bans to make a fashion statement.

Although lay people too love the trendy designs of a perfect but affordable  Ray-Ban, there is still the most expensive line-up of that can well qualify in a top ten list as the world’s most expensive ray ban sunglasses.

1. Ray-Ban 18K Gold Aviator Sunglasses- $ 3800

ray ban 18k gold aviator sunglasses

This Ray-Ban Aviator brought out in 2013 still remains the world’s first solid gold sunglasses. As Ray-Bans most expensive Aviator design, it is made entirely from 18k gold and is a collector’s item. Only 1200 pairs were manufactured as part of a Ray-Ban exclusive collection. 

2. Ray-Ban Aviator Folding Ultra – $ 490

ray ban aviator folding ultra

One of Ray-Ban's exclusive limited edition brands manufactured from pure titanium and 18K gold plating. Manufactured from extremely strong anti-corrosive Titanium, its anti-UV lenses feature oleo hydrophobic coating for prevention of moisture residue and perfect color vision.

3. Ray-Ban Caravan Ultra– $ 490

ray ban caravan ultra

The caravan Ultra is another of Ray-Ban's exclusive limited edition designs. With 18k gold plated titanium frames. Its lenses also feature improved polarization with hydro-oleophobic coating. Truly a collector’s item if youre someone with a fad for unique sunglasses.

4. Ray-Ban Wayfarer Leather Polarized Sunglasses - $ 300

ray ban wayfarer leather polarized sunglasses

One of Ray-Bans earliest and boldest of styles, the wayfarer was made famous by Jimmy Dean.  Ray-Ban’s latest design, the modified wayfarer is expensive due to the pure leather frames and polarized lenses that come in two colors, green and brown.

5. Ray-Ban Clubmaster Folding Sunglasses - $ 278

ray ban clubmaster folding sunglasses

6. Ray-ban Orb Active Lifestyle Pilot Sunglasses $ 270

ray ban orb active lifestyle pilot sunglasses

7. Ray-Ban Club Master Aluminum $ 228

ray ban club master aluminum

8. Ray-Ban - RB 3025 Aviator Large Metal Polarized $ 208

ray ban   rb 3025 aviator large metal polarized

9. Ray Ban Wayfarer Denim - $ 188

ray ban wayfarer denim

10. Ray Ban woman’s oversized wrap - $ 180

ray ban womans oversized wrap

Although Ray-Ban sunglasses are expensive, they are a symbol of an iconic brand that has featured on every glamorous face since its inception. A ray-Ban oozes style and with the highest standards of manufacturing quality, each piece is well worth the price.