Most Expensive Poker Set

Most Expensive Poker Set

Most Expensive Poker Set

When there a talking about Poker, the picture comes in mind about the 007 series Casino Royal’s $150 million bet of Daniel Craig. Tourist’s paradise like Texas, Las Vegas, Singapore, and Macau catch the attention of millions of people to endeavor their fortune in the Poker.

Often the entry of people in Poker board is determined by their rich. Other than Casino, Poker can be a great time passing at home. Although the price start from few sent, there are few expensive pokers set existing in the planet which has no limit. Here, an elite inventory of most expensive poker set is for you -

1. Geoffrey Parker Poker Set: $7.5 million


The high-end game manufacturer of UK near the beginning 1960s, Geoffrey Parker had introduced this poker set crusted with white gold and diamonds. Alligator hide case covering with white gold lock and diamond decoration keep the 18 karats white gold made chips. 22, 364 precious stones are used for its beautification.

2. The Meteorite Poker Set: $150,000


Swedish jeweler, Stahl designed the poker set that contains 120 chips, a complete set of terrific cards and five ivory dice. 18 karats white gold is used all over the set and case. Valuable gems like diamonds, rubies, Sapphires are used for this arty-crafty. 

3. Vintage Cartier Poker Chips Set: $30,000


The design is more priceless than the arrangement objects, is once more proved by this inimitable and rare plastic made poker chips set. Availability of less information and original design makes it a rarest collectible item for the collectors. Different price in the same name may be a trap for the buyer.

4. Cartier’s Bold Poker Set: 10,100


French luxury watchmaker and jeweler, Louis-François Cartier manufactures high-end poker set occasionally. Five colored 360 chips in the case with two set of playing cards and five reddish black dices in wooden and gold plated architecture have made it most expensive.

5. Asprey Luxurious Poker Set: $7,500


6. Pre-WWII Poker Chips with Inlaid Swastika: $1,999.99


7. S.T.DUPONT 007 Casino Royale Original Poker Set BNIB: $1950


8. Paulson 1000 Paulson Tophat and Cane Poker Chips: $1,500


9. Casino Royal Limited Edition 006/250 Omega Poker Set: $725


10. 500 Double Down Saloon Paulson Casino Poker Chips: $579


You might be fanatical for Poker, but it will be really tough for you to purchase some surprisingly expensive poker set to play. If the kismet has conveyed the break for you to amuse yourself with most expensive poker set, you will be the luckiest one of the civilization.