Most Expensive States to Live in America

Most Expensive States to Live in America

Most Expensive States to Live in America

United States of America is a Land of Dreams and Opportunities. However, these dreams can come at a huge price to pay. Living in America is stressed with hefty expenses and higher cost of living. Despite, what the world may say about America being in Economic turmoil, the growth ratio is distinct to each state.

Due to these economic lapses, some states are very expensive to live. Let’s take a look at some of the most expensive states of America, where living enough is a huge burden to your pocket.

1. Washington DC


The federal capital of the country has so much to offer in terms of government jobs and federal services. With a huge difference in the earnings, DC stands to be the most expensive state of the USA.

2. Hawaii


The state of the USA, located in the Oceania, is one of the most expensive states. The numbers bloom from the average 21% of the economy in the expenses. Being considered as a world class tourist destination, you need to some hefty pockets to live in Hawaii.

3. New York


The financial hub of USA, certainly makes in the list of the most expensive states. While, you can merely forget to even think of living in the Manhattan area of New York City, the other towns are equally expensive to make a place of living.

4. New Jersey


Despite, having a renowned gambling destination in the Atlantic City, the destination has seen some shrinkage in the visits. With very low employment rate and losing investments, New Jersey remains in the list. Even the education costs are high in numbers.

5. Connecticut


This is among the expensive states in USA, and year by year, the state is gaining popularity for new development. The housing rate in the state is also quite expensive. The state has 16-week family leave policy, but doesn't offer any paid time off.

6. California

california 1

This is the most populous state in US and has some major buildings of finance and government. The state is dependent on trade and international related commerce accounts. The state has well-developed infrastructure.

7. Alaska


This is the largest state in US and is majorly dependent on oil, natural gas and fishing industries. The state has higher cost of living compared to other 48 states. It has been purchased by Roman Empire in 1867.

8. Oregon


Located in Pacific Northwest of America and is majorly dependent on agriculture and fisheries. This is the most technology advanced state and offers great employment opportunities for residents. One can have a good stay with family having better income.

9. Rhode Island

rhode island

This state is located in New England and is the densely populated region. It has the largest industries including Health Service, Manufacturing and Agriculture. The state offers quality life for families living here. This is the most technological development.

10. Vermont


This is the smallest and least populous in US. This state allows families to initiate business having stagnant economy with low rate of unemployment. The state runs its economy in agriculture and manufacturing industry for better value of life.

Whether, USA remains to be the place of opportunities, be ready to empty your pockets to survive in the competitive world. If you are planning to stay in the any of the mentioned state, you got to have some huge salary slip at the end of every month.