Most Expensive Restaurants in New York

Most Expensive Restaurants in New York

Most Expensive Restaurants in New York

New York City's most expensive restaurants may take away even your earnings at a go, but it is worth, as your celebrity status is enhanced! And you would wish to have some one to put your bills.

Here are the most expensive restaurants in New York.

1. Momofuku Ko Restaurant , NY :A meal at Momofuku Ko, costs $ 163 plus.

momofuku ko restaurant

If you are lucky enough to get a seat for this David Chang’s hotel, you are in cloud nine. Momofuku ko (which means “son of”) serves a set multi-course tasting menu using seasonal ingredients, and changes its menu frequently.

2. Le Bernardin Restaurant, NY: $ 250 plus would be the bill here.

le bernardin restaurant

For exotic sea food this four-star restaurant is the place. Different preparations beckon you for a treat. Elite French restaurant offers Chef Eric Rupert’s refined seafood, expert service & luxurious decor. Well priced for the quality, which is incomparable, Fresh, Clean.

3. Jean Georges Restaurant, NY: You have to spend $ 218 for a meal

jean georges restaurant

The ‘Kitchen to Dining Room ‘concept is worth experiencing at Jean-George Vongerichten's fabulous French restaurant. Opened in 1997, here Jeans are a taboo but Jacket is a must.

4. Daniel Restaurant, NY: The cost of a seven-course menu is $ daniel restaurant220 here.


Traditional French cuisine by the famous chef Daniel Boulud is here with ambience and private dining facility.

The following restaurants are equally expensive

5. Blanca Restaurant, NY.

blanca restaurant

6. Eleven Madison Restaurant NY.

eleven madison restaurant

7. Masa Restaurant, NY

masa restaurant

8. Per Se Restaurant, NY

per se restaurant

The price is as surprising as much as the way in which your taste buds are kindled. Some boasts of ambience while some the culinary skill.  And some offers chance to interact with the chefs and see how your food being prepared.  Forget the hole in the pocket, but you can reach the heart through your belly, for sure.