Most Expensive Cameras

Most Expensive Cameras

Most Expensive Cameras

Dreaming of becoming like a professional photographer? Well, you can never be a pro if you don’t have your best professional material, the camera. However, many brands and models of camera that are booming these because of different key specs. Therefore, you must be equipped with the most expensive camera in the world, capturing the best shot of your memorable moment is pretty much amazing.

You will not just have a remembrance of the time, but also treasuring how much your camera has been a big advantage for you. Indeed, many people are in a hurry of owning the best high quality imaging and video with a high quality digital compact camera.

1. The Susse Freres Daguerreo Type Camera - $9,78,000

the susse freres daguerreo type camera

This is the most expensive one before Leica Series-Nr107 was not yet on sale. It is one of the most legends of gadget in Vienna, Austria as it is known as 173 years old camera worldwide. 

2. The Leica SerieS-Nr107 - $500,000 to $650,000

the leica series nr107

So, if you decided to get the most expensive camera in the world, then you must be picking this one. It is the only camera when an engraved word “Germany” onto its top plate. It was bid by an Asian collector last year in just 2 minutes.

3. The Hasselblad H4D-200MS - $45,000

the hasselblad h4d 200ms

This camera turned out as the best choice for professional photographers. It comes with 50 Megapixels and 60 Megapixels – auto focus. Surprisingly, it uses multi-shot technology that made it buzz with the combinations of 6 shots into a single raw image.

4. The Seitz 6×17” Digital Panoramic - $43, 000

the seitz 6×17” digital panoramic

The one and only camera mastered in the art of panorama and was introduced in the year 1995. It creates 6-inch x 7-inch high resolution images with such color and range.

These are only a few of the most expensive cameras around the world. As you can see, it has a very high price range, but actually very satisfying when it comes to their key specifications. You will definitely become interested once you are a camera collector or a camera lover. Obviously, it would not be a big mistake once you consider it as your big investment.