Most Expensive Brandy

Most Expensive Brandy

Most Expensive Brandy

You will want to drink some of the most expensive brandies in the world at one point in time. Their price is highly as result of their rareness. You will notice that most of them are limited in production so that only a few people can take it.

For instance, some brands are limited to less than a hundred bottles per year. In addition, they are quite stronger as compared to ordinary brandy. Hence, whereas you are likely to drink down several bottles of typical brandy before being overpowered, you will only need a few mouthfuls of these to be contented. 

The following are some of these most expensive brandies to taste

1. Nail Brewing’s Antarctic nail ale - $3.70 per ml

nail brewings antarctic nail ale

The Australian pale ale brandy that has always won the highest bid in auctions costs $3.70 per ml. To make it, associates of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society returned melted ice to Perth from an Antarctic iceberg. Profits from this 30-bottle run go to the preservation of the biosphere’s marine life.

2. Brew-dog’s the end of history - $2.31 per ml


You need $2.31 to partake of 1 ml of Scotland’s blond Belgian ale. It is among the world’s weirdest and strangest brews. Although this drink contains juniper berries and nettles, it does not have a fruity and light taste. Rather, its flavor features tastes of soy sauce, soy, tobacco, leather and mushroom

3. Carlsberg’s Jacobsen vintage no.1 - $1.06 per ml

carlsbergs jacobsen vintage no

Denmark takes pride in creating this 10.5% ABV barley wine costing 1.06 per ml. Since 2008, this brandy features tones of caramel, vanilla, smoke and port. Famous artists came into play to design its bottles. Its rareness is a justification for its price; only 600 bottles were produced in 2008.

4. Schorschbrau’s schorschbock 57 - $0.83 per ml

schorschbrau schorschbock 57

This Eisblock brandy is renowned as the world’s strongest brandies and you must be willing to pocket out $ 0.83 in order to drink 1 ml. Its taste is everything between nutty and smoky to breathtaking and overpowering and you will appreciate that it is quite rare; its production was limited yielding only 36 bottles!

5. Brewdog’s sink the Bismarck - $0.21 per ml


Selling at $0.21 per ml is this Quadruple IPA brandy from Scotland. It’s not in vain this drink is tagged as quadruple since it is four times of Scotland’s famous Brew-dog brewery and many other hops. Ideally, it is four times distilled and stronger and bitter as compared to conventional brandy.

6. Samuel Adams utopias  - $0.2 per ml


Attributed to the United States is this American strong ale that goes at $ 0.20 for every ml. This aged carbonated drink is best served at room temperature. This brandy is limited and at 18 years, it is limited to 15, 000 bottles for every season. It is bottled in totaled earthenware decanters.