Most Expensive Amiibos

Most Expensive Amiibos

Most Expensive Amiibos

One of the major advances in the video game industry occurred with the introduction of Amiibo toys on November 2014 by Nintendo Video Game Company. The toys have brought a tremendous revolution in the modern gaming system.

Amiibo toys use Near Field Communication technology to transfer information into diverse video game software systems. The figurines were developed as a wireless technology to boost video game operations.

The unique toys have received a positive response among users worldwide. The toys undergo scanning using an NFC reader that exists within the Wii U Gamepad. The most expensive Amiibo are extensively discussed below

1. Samus figurine - $2,500

samus figurine

The unique toy has gained popularity since its inception into the market. The toy also contains cannons on both arms. It is hard to find and very expensive but easy to operate by users. It was sold for the US $ 2,500 eBay auction site

2. Princess Peach - $2,100


Most gamers like the toy since it is compatible with the most video game software. It is important to note that Princess Peach toy lacks both legs but has continued to attract many people. It is easy to play and espouses interesting moves. These features have made it very expensive. It sells at $ 2,100.

3. Luigi - $500


This toy is also very expensive. Due to its high quality it has become rare to find Luigi among different sellers worldwide. At eBay online auction, the figurine sells at $ 500. The toy has appealing physical characteristics that make it popular among video game players.

4. Villager - $70


The Villager has increasingly attracted numerous video game enthusiasts since its inception. It is of high quality and provides a platform for accessing different moves during a game. The physical features are also attractive.  The price of the Villager is $ 70

5. Marth - $65

marth   $65

It is one of the most popular and expensive toys that was developed by Nintendo. It has unique features such as compatibility with a variety of video games. It has a high quality and thus it is in high demand. Marth is selling at $ 65

6. Mario - $60


The toy has also received a positive review from users from different places. The toy is being sold at $ 60

Due to their high quality, Amiibo toys have cemented their place in the market as the latest trends in video gaming. Most of the toys are very expensive and are also very difficult to acquire.