Most Expensive Perfumes for Women

Most Expensive Perfumes for Women

Most Expensive Perfumes for Women

Nice and pleasant smell will always makes the good feeling. In fact this will lasts even with the reminiscence as the sense of smell is very good at steward memories. Depositing perfume is the best way to have a nice scent which lasts hours.

These perfumes are prepared from the mixture of oils and fragrances that are supposed in concocting with the body's chemistry and tribute it. Extracting the best elements for the right perfume is costly, which is reason behind some perfumes  costing more than an arm and a leg.

Few expensive perfumes are high in their prices as they are made from a combination of uncommon ingredients, while there are other perfumes which are costly because of their rare ingredients additionally also to the precious materials from which the bottles are made.

Inducting only few drops of perfumes will smell good throughout the day, as a couple of ounces will costs a couple of thousands.

Have a glance of these top 10 most expensive women's perfumes in the world, in order to experience the costly perfumes for women.

1. DKNY Golden Delicious Million Dollar Perfume - $1 Million

dkny golden delicious million dollar fragrance bottle

It's so amazing to here, the most expensive perfume in the world that can be ever found will costs $1,000,000. Astonishing to listen, but it is true.  This perfume has the ability in captivating any woman with its bottle and the fragrance itself inside the bottle.

The bottle is the unique piece of art which can be considered as the decorative piece. The bottle is made up of 14-carat yellow and white gold and is incrusted with 2,909 precious stones that are collected from different countries throughout the world.

These precious stones are incorporating round brilliant white diamonds, golden yellow sapphires, 4 round rose cut diamonds, 15 round brilliant vivid pink diamonds. The oval cut ruby, pear shaped rose cut diamond, turquoise Paraiba tourmaline are brought from Brazil with the unblemished vivid yellow canary diamond.

This fragrance is a combination of apple, sandalwood, musk, muget, vanilla orchid, Mirabelle and other stunning materials.

2. Clive Christian's No 1 Imperial Majesty - $435,000

clive christian s no 1 imperial majesty   $435,000

This is the second most expensive perfume which is not only costly, but in its resemblance it also looks  fancy. This is created by Clive Christian. Bottle along with the fragrance are made from precious  and rare ingredients.

The bottle's design is meant for royalty with a collar made with 18 carat gold. This does not ends there, also a five carat diamond is adhesive in the fabulous golden collar. Each bottle is delivered in a Bentley.

A combination of sandalwood, cardamom, mandarin orange, Indian jasmine, white peach, bergamot, benzoic, lemon in addition to other rare notes are included for its fragrance.

3. Baccarat Les Larmes Sacrees de Thebes - $6,800

baccarat les larmes sacrees de thebes   $6,800

Baccarat is notorious is the only crystal manufacturing fragrance bottles from high quality crystal that is extensively known for the best in the world. This bottle is designed in a unique way as it takes the shape of a pyramid that is inspired by the Egyptian pyramids.

Apart from making the bottles for the Clive Christian scents, the company also decided to come up with a scent for its own brand. The fragrance features a frankincense and myrrh to furnish with the Middle Eastern scent.

4. Clive Christian No 1 - $2,150

clive christian no 1   $2,150

The main reason that increases the price of this fragrance is that it is created of precious and rare ingredients. The fragrance is made from the combination of ylang - ylang, iris, apricot, carnation, jasmine, pineapple, Tonka bean, benzoic, sandalwood, paprika, vanilla, orchid and rose extracts.

The bottle is also the other reason for its highest price as it is made from Baccarat crystal, 18 - carat gold for the neck and is also decorated with a 5 carat white brilliant cut diamond in providing the most luxurious fragrances.

As these ingredients are not available the year round, this is not so easy to come up with this brilliant fragrance.

5. Caron's Poivre - $2,000

caron s poivre   $2,000

6. Chanel No. 5 - $1,850

chanel no

7. 24 Faubourg by Hermes - $1,500

24 faubourg by hermes   $1,500

8. Annick Goutals Eau dHadrien - $1,500

annick goutal s eau d hadrien   $1,500

9. Shalini - $900

shalini   $900

10. Joy Perfume by Jean Patou - $800

joy perfume by jean patou

Having a look at these expensive perfumes, one feels that purchasing different items which are costly to the extent that they may be unaffordable for few people in believing to be the right thing. These costly items are thought to be of high quality and are rare that brands in selling at high prices.

Expensive fragrances are far are better than the others that resembles same, but are lower in their quality. Perfumes are among the most expensive items that are sold at high prices.