Most Expensive Beach Towns in America

Most Expensive Beach Towns in America

Most Expensive Beach Towns in America

America is one of the most developed and desirable places to live in the world. Many people dream to get there in the lifetime and live a lavish and luxurious life there. What is more interesting is the fact that there is are beach towns in America which redefine what luxury is and give a whole new dimension to what one can feel and enjoy.

Beach towns are a common phenomenon in America and it has a variety of towns to suit all the pockets. Let us have look at the most expensive beach towns in America-

1. Malibu, California - $3.6 million

malibu photos

This affluent beach town is the most famous and visited beach town in America. It is also the home of many Hollywood stars and is a host of many beaches. It is spread across 27 miles and has several small beaches and parks.

2. Water mill, New York - $3.49 million

water mill

This town in Southampton is known for its lavish lifestyle and exclusive nature. it has only a population of 1100 and there is every facility available for one. It also has one of the most expensive homes in America at 51 Halsey lane, water mills, New York.

3. Bolinas, California - $3.37 million


This is one of a kind beach town, which is unincorporated and a place where there are no road signs. One has to use the unmarked roads to reach the place. The residents have voted to this rule and they are so adamant about it that they tear the signs if put up.

4. Bridgehampton, New York - $3.25 million


This hamlet in Southampton is another place for fascinating things. This beach town has a very interesting history of Stephen Burroughs who was a criminal and helped to establish the town’s first library. It is the home to horse show and has a prominent racing road.

5. Belvedere-Tiburon, California - $3.19 million


6. Pacific Palisades, California - $3 million


7. Paia, Hawaii - $2.99 million

paia hawai

8. Newport Coast, California - $2.98 million

newport beach california

9. Old Greenwich, Connecticut - $2.75 million

old greenwich

10. Corona Del Mar, California - $2.74 million

corona del mar beach

The above list of beach towns make people go gaga over the fascinating lifestyle and the amount of luxury, which people can have in the life. One wishes to live such a comfortable life and it is a dream for all.