Most Expensive Newborn Items

Most Expensive Newborn Items

Most Expensive Newborn Items

Parents always wish to bring the best for their children, to make sure their little ones get the best comfort. They love to pamper their kids in every possible ways and for such parents who can afford huge expenses, there's no limit for luxurious products available for toddlers in market. Parents always ensure to buy both expensive and best items, as much as their pocket allows them to do so.

They make it sure that their little toddlers are as bundled with luxuries, as they bundle up their parents with the heavenly joy. That’s the reason, the luxury baby market is growing rapidly.  Here we have rounded up the list of 10 most expensive newborn items in the world.

1. Most Expensive Crib

Fantasy Coach – Price: $ 65,000

fantasy coach

Couture is among one of the most royal piece of attractive in a royal bedroom. The culture crib is mostly purchased on special orders by online marketing, only and especially for the royal kids. It is oval shaped crib, which is a Handicraft, made of fiberglass and wood

2. Most Expensive Baby Mattress

Bespoke Handcrafted Mattress – Price: $ 10,000 to $ 50,000

bespoke handcrafted mattress

The handcrafted mattress is one of the most comfy gift you can get for your tiny tods. They are as soft and tender as the toddlers, a perfect match for them. The company is making such mattresses for the British family for years. They are handcrafted and they are known for giving the excellent comfort. They give the feeling of queen or king's bed.

3. Most Expensive Baby Stroller

The Roddler – Price: $4,495

the roddler

The Roddler resembles very much Like a mini car. It is designed exactly like a classic car of 1950. It's very stylish and a royal gift for the little tods. Once you place the baby inside it, they get to see iPod dock, DVD player and much more which leaves your child amused. The babies name is written on the steering wheel to give it a special touch.

4. Most Expensive Baby Pillow

Eiderdown Heirloom Silk Pillow – Price: $ 2,999

eiderdown heirloom silk pillow

The special and royal pillow promises a deep and sound sleep for your little ones. It is made of very special heirloom silk and gives a unique sense  of calmness, warmth and lightness to the babies mind. The materials used are of extreme good quality and very rare and royal.

5. Egg Dodo Baby Basket - $ 2,500

egg dodo baby basket

6. Louis Vuiton Monogram Minilin Diaper Bag - $ 2,200

louis vuitton monogram mini lin diaper bag

7. Magic Bath Baby Hot Tub - $ 2,186

magic bath baby hot tub

8. Baby car seat- The Carcoon - $ 745.11

baby car seat  the carcoon

9. Baby Food- Anabel Karmel Organic Baby Puree- $ 19 per kilo

baby food  anabel karmel organic baby pure

10. The Air Mini  Heli - $ 15 million

the air mini heli

These are the items which moms and dads would happily purchase for their bundle of joys, if it's affordable. All the things mentioned in the list have been used extensively by the royal kids and it's still being used as a symbol of royalty. Although they cost too much, but when they give the ample comfort and joy to the tots, it's never too much for the parents.