Most Expensive Holiday Gifts for Kids

Most Expensive Holiday Gifts for Kids

Most Expensive Holiday Gifts for Kids

If price tag is no constraint for you when buying gifts for your loved ones, especially your kids then you have the most unaffordable gifts (for common people) on this list this time which will ensure exclusiveness as well as style.

Spoil your kids once in a while and give them something to treasure for life. Buy them off the shelf or customize the gift to your kid’s liking; the choice is all yours. These gifts will make their birthday or any day memorable for life and you too will cherish seeing your kids happy- 

1. Tumble Outpost : Price - $98,000

tumble outpost

This outdoor play set comes with a slide, fire pole and a look-out tower.  Fix it in your garden and let you children discover it on their own while you watch them. 

2. Robot : Price - $50,000


This one is a genuine 7 feet long Robby Robot which is controlled by a remote and also comes with a microphone to record your own voice. 

3. Fantasy Coach : Price - $47,000

fantasy coach

This one is artistically designed princess carriage which will at once sweep your daughter’s feet away. Make her feel like a real princess for once by gifting her this carriage to play with and feel magical.

4. Mini Ferrari : Price - $25,000

mini ferrari

Make your child’s dream come true at an early age by gifting him a Mini Ferrari. The car is big enough for kids to sit and play with. Boys will surely enjoy the ride. 

5. Life Size Batman : Price - $27,000

life size batman

6. Grand Victorian Mansion : Price - $22,000

grand victorian mansion

7. Zoltar Fortune Teller : Price - $8,999

zoltar fortune teller

8. Lego Star Wars Ultimate Collectors Millennium Falcon : Price - $3,888

legostar wars ultimate collectorsmillennium falcon

9. Home Pro Racing Video Game Simulation System : Price - $3,999

home pro racing video game simulation system

10. Junior Off Roader Gasoline Powered Vehicle for Two : Price - $32,350

junior off roader gasoline powered vehicle for two

If these are not enough, why not also look for many other options available in the market in limited editions by designers.