What is the Opposite of Success

What is the Opposite of Success

What is the Opposite of Success

People who say it’s impossible to change others and the way they think haven’t been creative enough. One simple tweak will change the way you see success forever.

Lately words like success and happiness have turned into buzz triggers that get everyone on their toes. Everyone must be happy and successful otherwise they’re losers. For many, success and happiness look completely different. We just need to be brave enough to admit we don’t fit the crowd.

What is success?

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Ways to Sabotage Success

That’s for you to define. For some, success might be holding the position of a CEO position, while for some it would be turning into a spiritual person. It’s up to you to decide your success or what you want success to look like in your life.

I guess though that most of you will agree that success is achieving something you have always dreamt of. It’s a destination rather than a journey….at least that’s how it looks when we try to define it.

Now let us try and understand the opposite of success.

What is the opposite of success?

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Overcome Fear of Failure

If you were to define anti-success in one word, it would be failure.

And here is where you are completely wrong. The opposite of success is not failure. Ask any successful person and they will tell you that failures pave the path for success. Everyone who is successful has seen the ugly face of failure.

Every person to succeed, have first Failed

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Gain Confidence From Your Failure

Famous personalities like Lade Gaga, Steve Jobs and J K Rowlings have failed in order to succeed. In fact, they still fail at so many things they attempt but what is important is that they are perfectly okay with failing. This is because failing is not the opposite of success. It is an integral part of it and you can’t go without it.

So what is the opposite of success?

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Quitting. It might sound like a cliché but it’s the only real opposite of success. We agreed that success is getting what you want and love, right?

One way of NOT getting what you want is quitting. In fact, if you quit you will never achieve what you set out to. While you keep trying, you find new and better ways for achieving success and happiness.


Success is in reality much less of a destination than we think. Success is the journey of conquering milestones and becoming better with each and every day. Once you stop moving forward towards your dreams and desires and quit, it is the END.

A simple change in the way you think, where you see failure as part of success and not its opposite, will help you attain your goals. It will open up a door of possibilities for you.  It will give you the confidence to keep trying.