How to Find Your Own Place in The World

How to Find Your Own Place in The World

How to Find Your Own Place in The World

How do you find your own place in the world? Isn't that a question that gives you pause? How is that defined? What is your, my, or anybody else' place in the world? On the other hand, in spite of the fact that it is difficult to define this concept, most of us know when we are content with our lives. We know when we are satisfied with our home, our relationships, and our work. Don't these things add up to finding your place in the world? If this is true, anybody should be able to find their place in the world, as long as they are able to find satisfaction in the major aspects of their lives.(Challenges of a Fast Paced World)

Let's move beyond platitudes about fulfillment and beyond dismissive thinking about overall happiness, and explore what it takes to find your own place in the world. Here are the things that you must do in order to find your place in the world, and why these things are so important.

Finding Your Tribe


Vision that Inspires A Tribe

Whether or not you have surrounded yourself with people who give off positive energy, support you for who you are, and who energize you with their presence is a big indicator of whether or not you have truly found your place in the world. If the people with whom you interact are toxic, or simply difficult to relate to, you have not found your tribe.

Many people never find their tribe. This is because they cling to the outdated notion that their tribe must be their family of origin, and those with whom they share familiar beliefs and backgrounds. This is sad, because while these people may be beloved to you, they aren't necessarily your tribe. You will know a member of your tribe by the ease of which you relate to that person. The more you associate with members of your tribe, the more satisfied and content you will be on a daily basis.

Finding Your Talent


Smartest And Talented Millennials

Your talent is what you do best. It's your best way to contribute to the society that you live in, while also remaining happy and fulfilled. Unfortunately, many people are lost, because they have found their job, but not their talent. Even famous people were in such situation. Some people may not believe that their talent will lead them to a career, so they opt to pursue something else. This something else might be satisfying, but it is not nearly as fulfilling as employing the talents that one is blessed with on a daily basis.

Fortunately, more members of the younger generation are seeing the value in bucking the traditional thought processes about work that are based upon the ideas of finding permanence and stability. They know that these things are no longer attainable, and because of this are more likely to take risks to pursue careers based upon their talents, and not the demands of the job market. After all, isn't it the mark of a successful person that they constantly work towards the goal of pursuing what they love to do on a daily basis? 

Finding Your Space


Art Of Being Alone

If you are not content with the home that you live in, the city that you live in, or the culture of the area in which you live, you have yet to find your place in the world. Places have an energy, just like people have an energy. Sometimes that energy complements yours, and other times it does not. If there is conflict, you will never be truly happy with where you are at. This is why it is so important to find a place to live that feels truly like home in a community where you truly feel as if you belong. Life is too short to accept living somewhere that is not your space. 

Finding Your Spirituality


When God is Silent

This is not a religious element of finding your place in the world. However, religion certainly can be where you find your spirituality. Finding your place in the world also involves finding your spiritual center, and then using the character traits and understanding that you develop as part of that journey to help others. Some may absolutely find this in church. Others may find it in a soup kitchen, or homeless outreach program. Finding your spirituality, is simply the route you take to discover or perhaps invent your own soul.

The more work that you do in this area, the more time you will spend experience life as person who is happy, at peace, and who feels just right no matter where they are. They will also become more and more free from judgment, anger, and materialism. If you get to this point, you will have found your place in the world, and you will also be in a position to help others on their journey to find theirs.