What Are The Secrets of Happiness?

What Are The Secrets of Happiness?

What Are The Secrets of Happiness?

Most of us assume that happiness is something that we need to work towards and to achieve. It is a lifestyle and a way of life that anyone can adopt at any moment and time and yet only a small percentage of the world’s population actually knows what it means to feel and be happy.

So, are there any secrets of happiness? Oddly, yes, but that is only because we live in a world where we have been made to believe that one must look for happiness from the outside rather than feeling it on the inside.

Here are four fundamental secrets of happiness

1. You can feel happy whenever you want to

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Have you ever seen or experienced how much effort it actually takes to ‘get sad’ and how light and joyous you feel when you are happy? That’s because happiness comes without a price- it is something that you can feel regardless of your social status, wealth or location. There are no conditions to being happy.

2. You just need to Embrace who you are

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Knowing Who You Are

No matter what you do, how you are, what you say or where you go, others will always have something to say in support of or against you. Cut yourself away from public opinion. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter who and what you are, all that matter is that you know who you are and that you learn to be comfortable with yourself.

3. Stop Expecting

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Everyone is different. Your parents are different from you because they were born in a different era. Your friends are different from you because they have grown up in a different environment. At the end of the day the only person who knows what you want and need in life is you.

So, stop expecting others to change for you. People who love you will find a way to accept you for who you are regardless of your choices.

4. Be Realistically Optimistic

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Nothing in life goes as planned. So, don’t make goals and expect to achieve them within a few days or months but choose your passion, decide what your end goal will be and life will take you there.

Sure you’ll fall here and there and you might even get rejected every now and then but you can always turn those weaknesses into your strengths, in times to come.