4 Ways to Nurture Inner Peace

4 Ways to Nurture Inner Peace

4 Ways to Nurture Inner Peace

As a regular SuccessStory reader, I know you’re all about the good vibes. Thriving physical health complemented by flourishing inner harmony (mixed in with some supercharged success, naturally) - there’s your aspirational #goals right there. (Achieve your Goal)

And that’s all well and good … when the world is showering you with magic, wonder and an abundance of good juju enhancing miracles. But what about the other times? When you’ve been slapped in the face by a ‘challenge’ (which is really just self-help code for ‘a really freaking sucky situation’)? 

Never fear, your trusty wellness editor is here! Harnessing the lessons I’ve learned from working with some of the world’s brightest and most inspirational beings, here are four tips for nurturing inner peace no matter what:

1. Meditate Daily


Benefits of Meditation

I know, I know, you’ve heard it before. But I mention it again because it’s really easy to think of meditation as a practice to support those easygoing, life-is-grand, I-have-all-the-time-in-the-world-for-enlightenment days … and then toss it in the ‘I’ll get to you later’ basket when life gets busy, stressful or loaded with challenges. But it’s actually super valuable (and important!) to meditate during the tough times too. Yes, it will be hard sometimes. Yes, it won’t necessarily be something you pop in the ‘fun’ column. But it will help you nurture inner peace … just keep at it. Even if you can only spare five-minutes a day, you’ll be reconnecting with your inner, wise, peaceful and true self. (Discover Inner Peace)

// Pro tip // If you’re feeling frustrated, why not try a walking meditation? You can nourish and strengthen your body with movement and nurture inner peace all at the same time. 

2. Journal it Out

inner peace

Peace of Mind

Some days, inner peace comes naturally. Other days, you really have to work at it. On those days, journaling is an invaluable tool to help you work through the gunk and get it out of your system. Ever heard that a lotus flower grows in the mud? Life as a human is like this. We have to root ourselves in the mud, in all of the crap that’s going on, and use it to fuel our growth and transformation. There’s a lesson and blessing in everything. Even if it is covered in poop. 

// Pro tip // Ever tried guided journaling practices? These are prompts that help you get started with the whole journaling-it-out gig. Makes it much easier for newbie journalers to get into the flow!

3. Be Alone


 Art Of Being Alone

Surrounding yourself with positive experiences and happy, bubbly people is fabulous for crafting a life you love and shaking off a bad mood. But your external circumstances - including the people in your life and your physical surroundings - have little to do with your quest for inner peace. That’s solely an inside job. Which isn’t really something you can do with your honey on a Friday night. ’Hey, baby, would you like to help me unravel the miles of messy, scratchy, tangled up pieces of string that make me, me?’ Or maybe it is. What do I know. But my recommendation? Do your inner work, at least some of it, alone. And while you don’t need spend years in solitude, meditating under the Bodhi tree, a little time alone will work wonders on your soul. 

// Pro tip // Even if the only alone time you can fit in is when you’re showering, make it work for you. Be all there. Mindfulness, presence and breath work are your BFF’s on this journey. 

4. Let Go

let go

Ever Feel Like Giving Up

And finally, don’t force it. Inner peace isn’t something that can be accomplished in your lunch break. And to be 100% real with you, it might not even be something you achieve in this lifetime. Or the next. Or the next. Inner peace is an ongoing pursuit rife with trials, errors, ups and downs. Why? Because you’re human. And humans mess up. It’s what we do. But when you think about it, being human … well, that’s actually a pretty spectacular thing. To being flawed (and the knowledge that, really, there is no such thing as ‘flaws’ anyway).