Stress Success Stories

Stress Success Stories

Stress Success Stories

Stress does not see whether a person is rich or poor, old or young or celebrity or a commoner before affecting him. Stress is a disorder that may affect people from all walks of life. Some of the richest and celebrated people suffer from anxiety, like panic disorder, compulsive disorder and obsession.Leann Rimes is one such renowned celebrity who underwent serious stress in the year 2012 and joined a treatment facility. Though she never spoke about the reason for her stress and anxiety, her representative said in clear terms that she was not able to cope up well with life and lifestyle of a celebrity. Today, she is out of stress and leading a healthy life.

Like Leann, there are various other celebrities who underwent stress like Amanda Seyfried and Carry Underwood, to name a few. Stress and anxiety can affect anyone, even the celebrities, and one thing that we all should learn from their success stories is to take medical aid to recognize and overcome the issue. Other than medical attention, a person suffering from stress can defeat it by following below mentioned scientifically-proven techniques:


self compassion

Self-compassion or accepting your failures and mistakes without defensiveness leads to a happy life. Often to be successful, people make mistake by being harsh on self. However, it leads to stress instead of improving your performance. As they say, to err is human; let go of your mistakes!

Follow a Routine

follow a routine

Deadlines, workload and strained relationships are few of the reasons that lead one towards stress. But have you ever thought why they cause anxiety? It is because for every work our mind tends to create a mental tension because it has a decision to make. So the only solution to get rid of stress in such a situation is to take least number of decisions. Follow a routine. Don’t go out of the way. If you go to gym in the morning, go as you do every morning, instead of thinking of a different time to head gym.

Develop a Hobby or Do Something Interesting

develop a hobby or do something interesting

Every person has a different interest. Understand what you like doing the most. It can be cooking, singing, driving a car, reading, gardening or anything. Just take ten minutes out of your hectic life to pursue what you enjoy the most. If you don’t like anything, develop a liking for something interesting. Develop a hobby. No matter how tired you are, a hobby keeps you alive and kicking!

Make a “To Do” List

make a “to do” list

Planning makes life simpler. If you have ten tasks in hand, prioritize them and put them in a monthly or weekly planner. You will soon realize that just by making the list, you are de-stressing yourself!

Aim At Being Progressive and Not a Perfectionist

aim at being progressive and not a perfectionist

Most of us set goals for ourselves in life. Such people are called go-getters. However, if you want to really enjoy a stress free life, evolve from being a go-getter to get-better. This will help you to not only improve your abilities but you will also understand how to live life without pushing self to anxiety.

Be Positive

be positive

Even if you fail in performing your duties, always think about the progress you have made in some other sphere of responsibilities. Staying positive helps to reach your goal eventually and keeps you away from stress.

This is NOT the End of the World

this is not the end of the world

Remember that if you won’t meet your deadline one day, hell will not break lose. The world will not end just because you have not been successful in a relationship. There is a lot in life that you need to concentrate upon. So much to do, so much to learn from!Just be positive in life and follow above mentioned stress busters. Life would be much simpler and beautiful.