All That You Wanted To Know About Life

All That You Wanted To Know About Life

All That You Wanted To Know About Life

1. Life is a Gift

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Life is a gift. It comes with its own packages and wrappings. The beauty of life is visible in how best we as human beings learn to unwrap these surprise packages. If one views life as a means to reach the higher power, then the gift would surely be a great boon.

However if one is filled with expectations  of a wonderful gift, and one with lot of financial power, then the gift of life would be a disappointment. This is the reason life is a boon for some and a difficult rough path for others.

2. Life As A Mirror

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Boost Your Self Believe

Life has its own image and is a mirror reflection of what we are. The Human body is like a magnet. We are pulled towards the centre of the Earth because of our magnetism. Every magnetic body has a magnetic field.

Similarly we too have a magnetic field. Our magnetic field is dominated by our thoughts which are the vibrations  that reach outside our body. When a person has positive thoughts, the field is positive, when a person has negative thoughts the field is negative. Thus life is a mirror of our own inner self.

3. Life As A Power

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Find Your Strength

Life is what we make out of it. Our thoughts rule our life. A simple way to understand is it to view our mind as a machine and our thoughts as the tools that run it. When we think positive, our mind also is empowered to achieve what we aim for.

When we think negative, our already tired and overworked mind, refuses to believe we can do it. Hence our thoughts indicate our intentions. A series of thoughts lead to continuous actions, many consecutive actions lead to a habit.

A habit leads to a particular way of life. This is the life of power. We get power only by believing in what we do. Hence  our power from  within is the power that life gets. Thus our life is a powerful tool towards happiness.

4. Life As A Learning Pyramid

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Everything in the world is about survival. The fittest would survive. This means that the whole structure of life is like a pyramid. The least powered would be at the  bottom and the powerful at the top. We should view our own life as a pyramid of formation.

These form our thoughts, views, habits and tastes. So when we form a particular pattern of life, our life takes the shape of a pyramid. When life manifests in various shades and colours, we change the size and structure of the pyramid.

The base of the pyramid has our foundation. This is laid during childhood and is the unconscious set of rules that are imbibed in us. These form the structure of our life. A happy base would give rise to a happy pyramid and a sad base would give a sadder one.

So the base of the pyramid has to be filled with positive thoughts, warmth, discipline, love and care. Only then can the pyramid of life develop into a constructive one.

5. Life Is All About What We Make of it

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Movie of Your Life

As we grow older our life is on a replay mode. Some things are set in our life within the first twenty years. Whatever else happens is based on these years. So there is no point in complaining about the present.

Whatever we are today is because of ourselves. Taking responsibility of our own actions is the key to enjoying life in a positive way. It is very easy to blame others however unless we allow things to happen they never do.

So we are like the gate keepers of our mind and it is on us to prove that we  will not get bogged down by life. Enjoy life as it is and make the best of it.

Thus it is seen that the path of life is a continuous learning process and there are some parts of it which could make things complicated however the beauty is in understanding the hitch and the cliches and then moving on towards a better platform.

This is the best lesson that life gives us and  this is the best way we could view a more positive world.