How Smart Goals Can Sometimes be Just the Opposite

How Smart Goals Can Sometimes be Just the Opposite

How Smart Goals Can Sometimes be Just the Opposite

When you are a rookie in the field of business and are just learning about it; then you will come across the ultimate way of acquiring success i.e. through smart goals. This is what you will be taught everywhere. But; when you will start indulging in the business activities; then you will understand what you were taught is not always applicable.

The smart goals are not as smart as they sound. It is all about the goal that your company should achieve to be specific; it should be measurable with attainable goals and relevant to the environmental factors as well as time-bound. This cannot be applied all the time. The smart goals are stupid. The explanation of this; is given below.


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Smart goals are very simple in nature but in practical life it cannot be implemented everywhere. So, following the smart goals is sometimes not valuable.


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These smart goals force you to attain the given target without sufficient analysis of the actual capability of all the employees. A fixed target is said to be attained till the end of the month whether the employees are ready for that target or not.


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When you follow smart goals; then your target and the things you need to do are already fixed. You cannot put up your new innovative idea. This is so uninspiring. There is one more fact which degrades the system of smart goals, i.e. the fact that the high goals are already set. If the company reaches that goal, then it is not considered as a big deal; as the achievement of the goal was the main target.


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It is poisonous as you are given a target to achieve. The employees may use any means for it. This can develop negative issues in a company as well.


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The smart goals are extremely rigid. It has no flexibility in them. You need to achieve the aim no matter what, even if the employees do not feel passionate about it. Without any passion; everything is ineffective and inefficient.


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The smart goals are set up by one person, but the company comprises a varied number of people. It is a team work. A team can not implement the ideas made from one mind. In teamwork; everyone’s capability and passion are observed and then the goals are set with varied important notes with it. The whole idea is contrary to one another.

Here you can observe that there is no need for you ever to judge a book by looking at its cover. As per the name suggests, i.e. smart goals; you can see are stupid goals.