3 Ways to Sabotage Success

3 Ways to Sabotage Success

3 Ways to Sabotage Success

Be Proactive


Active Engagement

When you never pause to look ahead there is rarely time to plan for what could happen in the future. We all only have 1440 minutes each day to get things done. Every 15 minute period is about 1% of the day. How do you use each 15 minutes you have? Are you ready with articles that need to be read, notes that need to be written, calls that need to be returned when 15 minutes of “free” time appears?

Success is often derailed by not being prepared, when opportunity arrives. Have you ever found yourself waiting for someone at a meeting? What do you do with that opportunity? Check your emails? Stare at the clock? Enjoy another cup of coffee? Do those activities move you toward your long term goals? Always having what you need with you creates opportunity to use the gift of time. Practice makes habit. Be proactive and always be ready.

Express Appreciation

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Habits to Become Successful

Many people go through life without noticing all those around them, who help along the way. A great way to ruin success is never saying “thank you” to those who make your journey easier. Successful people do not get to the pinnacle without any help from others, they were helped by others on the way. Climbing Mount Everest requires the expertise of Sherpas.

Achieving success is no different. Teachers, mentors, and many others help people along the way. Not acknowledging these folks closes doors that can make the journey easier, and happier. Take time to give a heartfelt “thank you” when appropriate, verbally or in writing. Sometimes even just a smile can be enough. People like to help people they like. Express appreciation.

Take Action


Action Plan for Success

Success rarely falls into your lap. However, opportunities do. Successful people take action using those opportunities. The late Steve Jobs prompts action with this quip, “Let’s make a dent in the universe.” Action can do just that. For example, rather than waiting to see what might happen, successful people practice actions to increase the likelihood future events go the way they desire. When you practice, even at something small, you create focus.

Focus helps you discover what works and what is not working. Practice removes some of the complexities of walking into a situation for the first time. Practice also provides a good way to focus on a future situation without all the energy of being actually in that situation as you learn. Practice makes comfortable. What are you practicing? 

Are you actively seeking success or simply hoping success will find you? Practice taking even small actions that move you closer to your objectives. So there you have it, three easy ways to sabotage your success. Routines happen from repeated actions. Invite success in. Be proactive, thank those around you, and take action toward your goals.