The 3 Keys to Success in Life

The 3 Keys to Success in Life

The 3 Keys to Success in Life

A locked door needs to be opened. It is proving to be an obstacle. You try different keys, you even put your weight against the door but it doesn’t budge. Then suddenly, you change your tactics, and  instead of pushing the door, you pull it, and it opens. It is then that you realise that the door was always open.

So what then is the key to success? Why is one person successful while the other fails?

1. Develop Your Own Luck

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Is a person’s destiny responsible for his success?

Well, it takes luck to be successful! The difference lies being in the right place at the right time.

While luck is important, ability, skill and knowledge are equally important ingredients for being successful. Fortitude and talent will help you chart your destiny. Your knowledge and skill will be recognised and open the right opportunities for you.

2. Focus on the Outcome Not The Goal

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Set Smart Goals

It is often said that people who set goals find success!

A goal creates focus, vision and the desired route. But it alone cannot suffice, as the goal is a means to an end. When the going gets tough and the goal too far-off, it can make you accept defeat.

So, it is vital to focus on the outcome, and how it would change your life for the better. So even when you are faced with challenges, you will be motivated to chase your goal till you achieve it. It is also equally important to enjoy your journey to success.

Goals are set because the task is far from simple. But to reach your goal, there is a learning process. While you learn and grow, you will make mistakes. Mistakes are only the stepping stone to perfection and not a deterrent. If you are willing to learn from your mistakes, you are bound to find success.

3. Grow and Help Others Grow

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How People Affect Your Success

You grow as you help others grow, and you will stand to benefit from this act of goodness. When you share your knowledge with others, you also gain in return. The different perspectives give rise to better and more ideas.

Your protégée is a reflection of your skills and talent. Teaching is a way of learning, and in the bargain, the whole group gets empowered.