Top 10 Success Mantras of Zuckerberg for Young Starters

Top 10 Success Mantras of Zuckerberg for Young Starters

Top 10 Success Mantras of Zuckerberg for Young Starters

When you become the world’s youngest billionaire, you know you have a responsibility towards other young starters. That is exactly the case with Mark Zuckerberg, who flaunts the title of being the youngest billionaire in the world. His story from being nothing to making billions inspires other young entrepreneurs, who search replicating his success. 

However, what many young starters do not know is that Zuckerberg learned his lessons long before he became successful and it was these learnings that helped him reach the pinnacle of success. (Mantras of Success)

So, without much ado, here are the top success mantras that Mark Zuckerberg lived by.

1. Cultivate a Dream

Mark Zuckerberg did not hit pay dirt overnight. Instead he had a dream and did everything possible to make his dream turn to reality. He knew what he wanted to achieve and worked very hard to accomplish it. He made many sacrifices to make this dream a reality.


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2. Be Ambitious

When Facebook was just a project on Mark Zuckerberg’s computer, he could have taken the easy way out and sold off the application for a few thousand dollars. Instead, he did not sell Facebook, as he was more interested in making a change in the world. He wanted this program to be available all over the world. Young starters too should think big like Zuckerberg.

Be Ambitious

3. Take Baby Steps

Even though Facebook was meant to be for a large section of users, Zuckerberg started small. He did not have the money to make this project available globally. So, he started out by making the program available for his college mates and gradually built capital investment and expanded the program. 

Take Baby Steps

He started small because that is what he could afford at that time and was realistic about the whole thing. A good business always starts small and with careful planning can turn into something huge and magnificent.

4. Have Faith in Yourself

When you are starting a new venture, you need to have faith in yourself. And, Mark Zuckerberg had plenty of it. He never faltered when he started creating Facebook. He knew he wanted to build a successful business and did not once have doubts about his abilities. This was one of the reasons for his success.


5. Be True to Your Passion

Are you ready to sacrifice anything to make your dream business a success? Well, Zuckerberg was. He was passionate about computer programming and made sure that his passion didn’t fade away. Instead he dropped out of college to ensure he could keep his inner flame burning bright.

Be True to Your Passion

True Success

6. Be Open to Criticism

Every successful entrepreneur and individual will tell you this. Mark Zuckerberg was no different. He had to tolerate a lot of criticism, but he did not let that get to him. He was single-minded about what he wanted to achieve and took the criticism in his stride. He used criticism as a stepping stone to improve what he was working on.

                           Open to Criticism

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7. Be Hardworking

There can be no success without hard work and Zuckerberg is one of the best examples of this mantra. He had put in long hours to make Facebook a reality and that is why he is one of the most successful young entrepreneurs of our times.

Be Hardworking

Work With Integrity

8. Don’t Let Business Giants Cow You Down

When Zuckerberg wanted to make Facebook the main website in the World Wide Web, Google was ruling the roost. Instead of getting frightened and backing off, Mark Zuckerberg persevered and the present is the testimony of what he managed to achieve. He took calculated risks and had the courage to stand by what he believed.


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9. Take Risks without Faltering

In order to grow Facebook and make it what it is today, Zuckerberg dropped out of college and focused all his energies on it. At that time he did not know Facebook would become the kind of success that it is today. This shows that without taking risks, nothing can be achieved in the world of entrepreneurship.


10. Adhere to the Process

An entrepreneurial venture cannot be successful if the entrepreneur does not stick to the process. Mark Zuckerberg believed in finishing one part of Facebook and then moving on to the next. 

                               Adhere to the Process

As a result, he was able to achieve his short- and long-term goals. He spent years streamlining the process and ensuring each part was completed before moving on to the next.

Young starters too can achieve the heights of success that Mark Zuckerberg has achieved. With proper planning, hard work and focus you too can become successful like Zuckerberg. Don’t leave your success to chance, as it will not work out in your favor. (Motivational Quotes