5 Trustful Facts of Life That Are Not Easy To Accept

5 Trustful Facts of Life That Are Not Easy To Accept

5 Trustful Facts of Life That Are Not Easy To Accept

When we are children, we build castles in our minds and think that life out there is always beautiful and cheerful. We look forward to becoming grown-ups and independent, and we are sure that we will happy ever after.

But, it doesn’t take long for us to realize that this isn’t true. Still during adolescence, we start to realize that there are some very harsh things that we will have to face and that life was much more fun as a child. And some of the facts that are not easy to accept but that we must try to do so are the following:

1. Even if you are good, life will still be hard

life will still be hard

Remember when your parents told you that if you were good, life would be great? Santa would bring you a present, your friends would love you, and you would achieve anything you want? As an adult, you probably have realized that this is not true, and even parents are rethinking this strategy. (How to Face With Change in Your Life)

Bad things happen to good people every day. Unfairness is there for you to see, and, most of the time, there is very little that you can do about it, except for accepting it.

2. You will make mistakes. Every. Single. Day.

You will make mistakes

Mistakes are what we do. All the time. And we got have to live with our flaws. Of course, we can improve ourselves, and there is plenty of help at our disposal, from friends and family to psychologists and support groups.

But you will still have to deal with yourself. You can break up with a bad partner, you can quit your job, and you can move miles away from your family and learn to avoid negative thoughts. But you have to accept the fact you have to live with the person you are every single day. And if you aren’t 100% happy with yourself, it won’t be any easy.

3. We Will Get Old and Die – So People We Love

We Will Get Old and Die

You got lots of plans and things you want to do. That job, that house, that marriage, those kids, those trips. But then you realize that, by the time you get everything you want, your time left in life is shorter compared to what you had before.

Then you understand, that you will get too old to enjoy some of the things you dear so much. You also must face the fact that you might become unable to look after yourself. And that you will die at some stage, so that you have to learn how to overcome your fear of death. And that the same will happen to people you love.

4. You Can’t Change People

You Can't Change People

No matter how hard you try, you can’t change people, and this can be very hard to accept. Everyone who had to deal with a loved one refusing help while going through an addiction, or any self-destructive process, knows how is to just see your best advice just go to waste.

And even when it is all about smaller things that annoy us so deeply but we can’t possibly explain, it is not easy at all to understand and accept people as they are.

5. You Can't Control What Happen out There

 You Can't Control What Happen out There

Here is where we feel completely hopeless. Even when we love ourselves, are surrounded only by amazing and positive people and have no fear of death or being old, we still have to deal with the environment.

There will be thunderstorms, and floods, and hurricanes, and tsunamis, you name it. There will be wars, and crime, and disrespect of human rights somewhere. And you will have to learn to live with it and do the best you can to change it.

Life is hard, but it gets much worse if you don’t accept things as they are. So, stop pretending that everyone is cool and that everything will be perfect when you wake up tomorrow. Accepting reality and trying to find your inner peace might make you sad for a while, but it will make you stronger in the long term.