Forgive and Discover Inner Peace

Forgive and Discover Inner Peace

Forgive and Discover Inner Peace

From the common office going folk to entrepreneurs, everybody these days is looking for satisfaction. Almost everywhere you look, there seems to be something that is not right. Some little form of injustice. A college going student suffers from a heart break, an investor looses all his money in a deal gone bad, a champion swimmer loses the use of his legs in an accident, a war destroys the homeland of an innocent girl- the list is endless.

It wouldn't be very cynical to say that life is not fair sometimes. Things aren't all rainbows and unicorns. Sometimes, the going gets rough. Sometimes, it's not your fault. And sometimes, even when the cold winds blow over and a new sun rises, you feel hollow inside.

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Restlessness, anxiety and sadness. These are the things that happen to all of us - from people struggling for three meals a day to people who have a perfect family and thirty million dollars in their account. Inner peace is not something that is endowed to everyone. But it's something everyone can cultivate. And the first step to achieving this little miracle is called Forgiveness.

Here is a three step guide to forgive, forget and move on to discover inner peace and satisfaction.

1. Let it In

Let it In

The first part of the process is accepting the facts and realizing the state in which you are in. A love affair has gone sour and your beloved has broken your heart. It's a fact. Accept it. It's over. What now? If you won't accept it and still keep pining for your beloved, will things change?


Why? The answer is simple. Your now-ex-girlfriend has already accepted that this is over. You on the other hand, have not.

Now let's say that you lost the use of a limb in a car accident. You used to be a dancer, and a professional one at that. The whole world was enamoured by your talent.

What now?

Will sitting in your room all day mopping around help? Will a miracle happen if you keep wishing that things had hppened differently or 'What if this had not happened?'

Accepting the facts give you insight on what is, and thoughts on what needs to be.

2. Let it out

Let it out

This is crucial. Now that you have accepted and realized the gravity of your situation, this is the time to act. Find a medium- an outlet for your emotions. Destroy that journal you were writing. Start a new one. Get that crazy haircut that you always wanted to get, cry. laugh at your mistakes. Join an art class. Travel, meet new people, write, meditate- the idea is to move on to constructive ways to let your emotions out.

Finding a good outlet for emotions is like unlocking a door to your inner self.

And finding out what you, as a human being - as the most intelligent spices on this planet, are capable of, will most definitely surprise you.

3. Let it go

Let it go

It's been some time now. You feel lighter, happier and free.

Now it's time to realize that whatever happened with you was one event in the circus of life.

A ripple in the stream of a river.

A star in the vast night sky.

The clock kept ticking. The universe barley noticed.

Time for two sets of three-word Clichés.

Life goes on. Time to 'Let it go' and move forward. And by this time, you realize that you've already come far from that place.

And by the end of the three step program, you discover that the dust inside your mind has settled. You feel satisfaction. You have forgiven. You feel one with a part of you that you never think was there.

And that, is discovering inner peace.