25 Best Frugal Living Tips: How to Get Thrifty and Save Money

25 Best Frugal Living Tips: How to Get Thrifty and Save Money

25 Best Frugal Living Tips: How to Get Thrifty and Save Money

Frugal living is about the careful planning and choices that helps us to save money. Frugal living is the need of the hour, as prices are at high rise and keep going up on nearly in all the amenities required in life to live. These twenty five ridiculous tips will help you to curb your expenses through frugal living.

1. Car Pooling

car pooling

With the rising expenses of petrol and diesel, car pooling is the best way to commute, save time and expenses. Family members can schedule their route accordingly, so that instead of taking out their personal cars, they can manage with one only.

2. Eating at Home

eating outside

Eating outside is the trend these days which sometimes sits heavy on your pocket. Restrict yourself once a month or fortnightly and see the change in your budget.

3. Walking


To cover up small distances, try to walk instead of using your conveyance as this is good for health and there is no need for you to spend money to keep yourself healthy by joining gym.

4. Watching Movies

watching movies

Watching movies is the best source of entertainment so instead of watching in PVR, get rented DVD and watch it at home with all the family members enjoying snacks.

5. Curb Shopping

shopping 2

Plan out the requirements essential in your daily life, then only go out for shopping instead of going to the market. Try to shop from store rather than shopping malls and branded stores as once you enter these places, you end up spending a lot. Go to these places just for fun and frolic.

6. Stay Healthy

check with your health

Health is Wealth; if you are healthy you can save medical expenses and doctor’s visits. Exercise and eat healthy, remain fit and fine and lead a happy life.

7. Free Entertainment


Go for free entertainment instead of spending money. Go for outings in parks and gardens nearby and feel fresh air. Window shopping is also the best way to entertainment yourself without spending money.

8. Save Electricity


Usage of electricity when needed will reduce your electricity bills. Switch off fans and lights as soon as you leave the room.

9. Home Remedies

home remedies

Instead of going to beauty parlors, go for natural homemade beauty products; avoid expensive creams and beauty treatments, as it saves both time and money.

10. Discounts


Go for shopping when there are discounts or sale in the market. These days, online shopping also offer many discounts, and by just with a click, you can get the product at your doorstep.

11. Take Public Transport

economy class

Parking and gas expenses are getting so high. Use of public transport can relieve you a lot as it is safe and cheap.

12. Make Your Own Gifts


There is no shortage of ideas. There are popular websites offering ideas to make handmade gifts, or purchase consumable gifts like cup cakes, cookies etc.

13. Library


Lot of money can be saved if you go to the library instead of purchasing books or you can read a book on internet as it is the best source to obtain knowledge.

14. Drink Water

drink water

Burn calories and save money by drinking water instead of juices, cold drinks, soda etc.

15. Stop Using Credit Cards

credit card reward program

It’s easy to shop with credit cards as it makes buying easy, but you end up buying too much, and if you skip your monthly payment of the card, then be ready to pay the interest.

16. Do It Yourself

do it yourself

Instead of hiring from outside for petty chores of the house, try to do the little repair required, in your day to day life yourself.

17. Travel Frugally


Plan your tour in advance as it won’t affect your budget; you can search for cheap flight deals, and also look for car rentals rates, and go for excursions after clearing your debts.

18. Save Gas


Small gestures and timings in the kitchen can help us to save gas, which is a major monthly expense, as small savings can add up to large savings.

19. Plan Ahead

plan ahead

Planning ahead is easier to say but harder to implement, as when we plan in advance we can ponder on the pro and cons in advance which might enable us to get to other cheaper solutions.

20. Eat Less Meat

eat less meat

There are varieties of vegetarian dishes which are cheaper than meat, so go for meat once in a while, rather than consuming it daily.

21. Household Chores

household chores

If the family is small, then we can do the household chores by ourselves, as money being paid to the servants can be saved, and utilized on your own self.

22. Buying a Small House

buying a small house

Save money by purchasing a house that fulfill your requirements, rather than a big one and save money for future.

23. Travelling in Economy Class


Instead of travelling in a business class, travel in economy class, as the destination will be the same, and these days comfort level is also almost the same but there is a lot of difference in the tickets.

24. Become a Coupon Expert


Coupons are in trend these days, even for groceries, cabs or shopping in malls. You can save a lot of money; you only need time to learn about couponing.

25. Use Bulbs


Usage of Led and Cfl bulbs and plugging out your chargers after use will exempt you from huge electricity bills.

Living a frugal life is like living a rich life with less stuff and living cheerfully, as you can get control of your finances and can easily pay off your debts.