Negative Thoughts - How to Avoid them

Negative Thoughts - How to Avoid them

Negative Thoughts - How to Avoid them

Negative thoughts and apples. What do they have in common?

When it comes to negative thoughts, let’s be honest: we all have them. They upset us, they torture our mind and they stop us in our achievements. How often negative thoughts of yours or other people slowed you down in doing something you always wanted or something you felt good about?

But what really happens and why something so meaningless, so small and fake should even become a bump on your way? The answer is: it should not. 

1. Keep on Walking


Possible Outcomes to Stand Tall

I often remind myself the truth with this simple question: how many people do I know that have never been criticized? To be honest – I know no one, living or dead, who have never been criticized one way or another. So, what is the point to bust out of your heart and soul to satisfy somebody who does not want to be satisfied? If you finally succeed and receive their approval – somebody else will not like what you did. So now you have to go through the same process and it will never end. After all, it will exhaust you, your life, and your ability to feel happy. You do not think people that achieved something was only given flowers on their way to their goal, do you? I bet they were also rejected, hurt and kicked down. No, they did not stay down. They got up and kept on walking.

2. Always Try


You Always Have Choices

As human beings, we are all guilty in doubting ourselves. Most will agree: it is best to try and not succeed than never try and live in wonder or disappointment. Sometimes great things happen accidently. If you try – you will know. Well, no, do not rely on self-righteousness. Nobody is perfect. Let your negative thoughts turn into your challenge setters. Let them push you forward instead of slowing you down.

Prove yourself that thoughts are nothing more than just natural chemical occurrences that happen your mind, but they do not determine whether things will work out or not. So do not let them possess you.Negativity creates far more social problem than just keeping people from doing great things and expressing themselves.

3. Do Not Fight for Nothing


Overcome Negative Thoughts

You do not have to dig deep to find the perfect example. Most simple situations that happen to us on our daily basis when somebody is being mean to us for one reason or the other. When we hear somebody’s criticism or even insult. Unfortunately in most cases an argument or fight is unavoidable. What is happening? You feel so upset, mad or disappointed. You can almost feel steam coming out from inside of you. You have all kind of thoughts you want that person to know. You are quick to respond to the offender. You raise your fist to punch back for the criticism that aggravated you more than you can handle. Your fist is just about to move forward... Ready? Stop. Think about it. Right now you have two options. Option A.

You can tighten your fist and go for it. Argue and fight over an opinion and prove with all your straights what you did was right. Further to mess up your mood, day and later probably regret and wish to take it back. Or option B. you can relax your fist, put it down, turn away and leave. Leave it just like it is. Sometimes saying nothing explains everything. Let the silence be your response to the negativity. And it is absolutely normal to be mad. Be mad, but do not sin – this is a key!

4. Remember To Forgive and Move On


Being Happy Every Day

And remember that forgiveness brings more happiness than knowing you won the fight. Did it make you better to know you won? Deep inside you probably wish it still never happened. So why to try so hard to change somebody’s opinion or mind if we all are unique and deserve respect, kindness and love. Sun shines the same on everybody.

So when you go to harvest apples from your apple tree, among those juicy beautiful apples you find the ones with worms, bugs, and bad spots. You do not really become crazy upset or mad about that, do you? Throw them under the tree to make compost pile so the tree gets more nutrients. That’s what you should do with that negative thoughts that was created to upset you and to bring you down. Enjoy the good, enjoy your achievements and enjoy your apples.

– Iryna K Combs, author of Black Wings