Indicators of Weak Leadership Skills

Indicators of Weak Leadership Skills

Indicators of Weak Leadership Skills

 As any organization or institution can build its foundation and then progress only with effective leadership, it can also fail miserably with poor leaders. Leaders are the one who has clear visions of their future and has an ability to align people as per their goals. He also acts as constant source of inspiration to his teams. The world so far has witnessed many charismatic leaders as well as disastrous leaders. Weak leaders can demoralize the overall enthusiasm of his team and thus his improper management results in heavy losses to the organization.

1) Poor People Skills

people skills

The leader who doesn’t have respect for his subordinates or their views lacks on listening and understanding skills too. He enforces his views on others and is never willing for new ideas. He is not open to suggestions and opinions. The leader who doesn’t care for his teams’ feelings never get adequate respect from fellow members. The leader who instead of appreciating his teams efforts and performance, criticize them for their mistakes is very demotivating and it largely influenced employee productivity. Leaders with poor managerial skills are often biased and not fair. He only supports his favorite people and assigns them good work. It creates imbalance and conflicts among team mates.

2) Poor Managerial Skills


The leader with inadequate managerial skills often fails to plan and execute ideas. He doesn’t know how to make use of resources like time, money, people and physical resources. As he lacks on strategy he doesn’t know how to motivate his team to achieve desired results. He lacks ambitions and energy. Good leaders are often term as enthusiast, but an average leader lacks zeal to know and implement different ideas. He can’t set an example to his peers as he himself is not motivated to achieve more.

3) Lack of Personal Integrity


A leader who lacks on traits like honesty and integrity sets a very bad example to his team. Loyalty to the organization and work are always been rated as high value possessions. The leader who has no desire to lead or who lacks on self monitoring fails in leading a group.

He never takes responsibilities of outcomes and holds his team responsible for poor performance. Such leaders often lack intelligence, self confidence and have inadequate job knowledge. As he lacks on these important parameters he is also not able to provide good solutions to his team members. He often doesn’t know how to handle tough situations and he also lacks on good sense of humor required to bring cheers in teams.

4) Lack of Innovation:


To survive in today’s cut throat competition; the organizations have to evolve it continuously. As said rightly innovation is the key to organizational success. Poor leader is always reluctant for new experimentations. He wants to follow conventional ways only. He is not ready to accept new ideas. He is not interested in change and reforms. He doesn’t have up to date knowledge of current trends.

Such leadership behavior never allows organization to survive and also discourage young and energetic staff. The companies which are not ready for constant change and innovation can’t stick in market for long and will eventually lose its presence.