How your Boss’ Leadership Style Shows if He’s Trustworthy

How your Boss’ Leadership Style Shows if He’s Trustworthy

How your Boss’ Leadership Style Shows if He’s Trustworthy

One of the most important attribute of a leader is the trustworthiness. People want to see this attribute in a leader before they will fully sign up with that person. The leader might have other essential attributes such as farsighted, passionate, courageous, wise and generous but if he is not trustworthy, people will try to focus more on protecting and guarding themselves from the leader than on fully committing to the team or the organization.

But if the leader has the attribute trustworthy lots of great things happen. People fully relied upon and can be honest with him who is very important for a leader or the organization. The trustworthiness of a leader is the core of a good relation with the people and can bring excellent results. If the boss is trustworthy, people in the organization want to share some important issues with him without any hesitation.

This is very important for a organization to achieve success because if the relation is good with the leader and the employees it makes a positive impact to the organization and helps in the growth of the organization.

Therefore it is necessary to find out whether the leadership style of your boss shows trustworthy or not. It is really a crucial factor for your success and the quality of your life at your work. If you don’t find your boss trustworthy, it is not advisable to you to work in that organization.

Because sooner or later something wrong will happen to you if you work under a untrustworthy boss because they have the tendency to blame others and have the habit of hiding their own fault and mistakes. There are five things from which you can make out whether your boss is trustworthy or not. These are:

Your Boss has the Tendency to Tell the Truth as They Understand It

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This is one of the best options to observe your boss whether he is trustworthy or not. Unworthy bosses have the tendency to tell different versions of event depending on whom they are talking to. If your boss is having this tendency then he is not trustworthy. A trustworthy leader shades the truth or does not share important information with others.

Your Boss Will do What They Say

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It is not possible to deliver on every promise. But a trustworthy leader has the ability to do the things they commit to doing. If they are unable to kept their promise, they will tell the truth. If the boss is evasive about his commitments, and who seems unable or unwilling to admit, apologize when things go awry, you cannot rely on him. He is not trustworthy at all.

See if your Boss Keeps Confidences

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You can see whether your boss keep confidences or not. You can try a simply thing to know about it. Tell your boss something which you don’t mind if people know about it and tell your boss to be quite on this. If you boss keep it in confidence you can assume that he is trustworthy, otherwise he is not trustworthy at all.

Doing as he Preaches


Whether you boss follows his words or not. If he speaks something about the importance of a company policy and then he himself doesn’t do it then you cannot rely on him. He is not trustworthy at all. A trustworthy boss will do whatever they speak.

Capable and Can Get Results

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In general, trustworthy bosses have the skill and experience needed to get the expected results. But untrustworthy person doesn’t have the required skill and experience.

We need to keep in mind the untrustworthy bosses are dangerous to their employees as well as to the organization. Hence we need to assess our boss whether he is trustworthy or not.