How to Develop Essential Habits of Transformational Leaders

How to Develop Essential Habits of Transformational Leaders

How to Develop Essential Habits of Transformational Leaders

Transformational leadership style is one where the employer shows more interest and care in his/her employees’ lives. He/she work alongside them in projects deducing out what changes need to be made. Then they tend to use inspiration to guide their employees through essential changes.

This motivational style transforms the company into a bigger and close-knit workforce which is more satisfied and valued. Extraordinary things can be achieved if this work style is implemented properly.

So how do we develop habits that coincide with a transformational leader? Here is the answer.

1. Care About your Employee's Opinions

care employees

Whenever you head forward and make decisions always seek your employee’s opinion. Whether you take it, or not, is up to you but your employee will feel more valued at your firm if you do. Asking what they think may seem insignificant but it has a huge impact on how your employees view you.

Also asking for their opinions and wishes can cause them to think inwardly and introspect. This may cause a bolt of inspiration; a small nudge that many employees do need.

2. Share Stories

share stories

A leader who shares his/her experiences and personal stories can amount to a great deal. Relevant can be a source of connecting and making a strong bond with someone. They may be the cause of a great revelation on the hearer’s part as they can evoke a certain thought pattern and shift behaviour. They can cause a spark of a great idea leading to a meaningful change.

3. Show Them your Vision

show vision team

If you share your vision and goals it can help create a compelling reason for them to actually follow you. Of you are clear and communicate your intention only then will people actually realise your potential and let you lead them properly towards the vision. Also if your employees see you as a good leader and share your vision they may work harder to achieve the goals.

4. Encourage Employees with Praise

encourage employees

If an employee does good work make sure to acknowledge it clearly either in verbally, through promotion or monetary. Positive reinforcement can cause employees to conform to good work, meaning that they will be more likely to do good work. A good leader who recognises the value to making employees feel motivated can go far.

4. Change from ‘I’ to ‘We’

team lead

A leader who recognises that a company can only grow if it’s a connected unit is a leader who will actually go far in his goals. Making an employee feel like they are part of something greater, a community, can make them more likely to do good work and would want the company to grow.

Also, a transformational leader is one who realises what other people are feeling. Using empathy as a tool to connect with people is important. A transformation leader needs to recognise when employees are angry or disappointed so that he/she can rectify the situation accordingly.

5. Identify Strengths and Weaknesses

identify strengths

You need to recognise what your strengths are so you can work to make them even better. Knowing your strengths can also help in moments of problems and using them effectively can solve a problem efficiently.

Identifying weaknesses are very necessary. Knowing what you lack and admitting to it can only serve to make you stronger in the longer run. This is because if you admit to having a weakness it shows vulnerability which can form strong connections with your employees. Also once you realise what you lack, you can work to change it.

Make sure to practice these habits regularly and don’t shy away from change!