Positive Thoughts on Having your Better Half in The Military

Positive Thoughts on Having your Better Half in The Military

Positive Thoughts on Having your Better Half in The Military

That dress, those medals on the chest, the hat on their head and the people calling you Ms. or Mrs. Officer, everything is pretty delightful. But whenever the war rages on and the call that they get from the border, you are pretty much tormented by just the thought. Well, not every situation is a bed of roses and not every situation is the bed of thorns.

So, let’s bring to you all the positive thoughts so you can be relieved by the idea that your better half is in military. 

1. Looks to Die For

Okay, is it the perfectly trimmed hair or the uniform or the socially constructed figure with a perfect body or anything else, but you can always boast of the body of your lover.

2. Possessive or Protective?

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Every girl dreams of his guy to be protective and possessive. And when that guy is military guy, not only does he carries around that perfect look but his arm around your waist and that warm feeling of protectiveness gives you all that you need.

3. His Divine and Caring Nature!

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If a person knows about human suffering and has witnessed it, he would understand you along with being kind and generous. He would be chivalrous, well one of the best trait a guy can have. How can you just not love a guy who would open doors for you, move the chairs and so much more.

4. They know the Real Meaning of Sacrifice

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A guy who has seen and made sacrifices, you can be stay assured that he would get the real meaning of what it is all about. He shall understand you if you are making one and always be on your side helping you out from all kind of difficult or easy situations.

5. An Undying Love

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Yes, it is hard to know that your guy might be away for a part of year and most of the time you would be away due to your work or family but the best part is you know he has a quality of having undying love. And his love for you won’t be any less.

6. A Feeling of Inspiration

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He is just not some random guy who is working hard and bringing you money to the home. He is a guy the entire nation looks up to, a role model kids aspire to be and someone who gives a night watch so that the entire nation can sleep. Now that ought to give you a pride in him.

7. Gifts of Anticipation

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There shall often be the pang of pains whenever he would called to stay away from you but the anticipation and the happiness when he shall be back on the way home would be even more exciting.

8. Trivial but Important

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Well, to all the people who are addicted to travelling, the good news is you get to travel a lot. And that is something that shall make you smile and love the guy even more. 

Told you, it is not all that bad. You are one of the luckiest women and if rightly said, also the women of the nation with your partner doing the greatest job of not only protecting you but also taking care of the nation.