Network Effectively- avoid these mistakes

Network Effectively- avoid these mistakes

Network Effectively- avoid these mistakes

In today’s world referrals are a way to find jobs and this is the best and the most common method employed by the younger generation. This not only saves time but also money. Companies are relying more and more on the current employees being able to get them newer ones. This is a time when everyone is competing to get the same job.

1. Face to Face Contact

convince the interviewer that you will be able to fill the gaps

This is the prerequisite for any interaction and one has to remember that meeting people in person is a way of endorsing an interest in the job. Job seekers would wish to do everything online. However without personal interaction things do not move.

2. High Expectations

high expectations

These days networking does help however one cannot depend upon it solely. It is important to take time out and get to know the contact and also understand the nature of services required. The whole idea is to broaden the network and have constructive contacts.

3. Personal Branding

personal branding

Personal branding is a must and one has to work independently and show what one is capable of. Being a successful person is not the key to networking. One is better equipped and more confident when one is able to understand the concept of networking and at the same time brand oneself well.

4. Meeting people


If one does not meet people one would never  be able to network well. This is another mistake that people should not make. By not meeting people one is alienating oneself from the circle. One has to spend some quality time and then move on to newer or better prospects.

5. Good Professionalism


One has to be a professional and find a way to differentiate oneself from the rest. It is important to let people know about you. Social media sites like LinkedIn can only endorse what one is capable of. The presence of other sites; Facebook and Twitter have made things easier for all. Use these facilities to your advantage.

6. Being Specific is the key

being specific is the key

One has to be specific about what one needs. The job referrals should clearly state the required talents and skills. This way the contacts also know who we are and what has to be done.

7. Following Up

following up

When one does not follow up one loses her/his contacts. Networking is all about knowing your contacts well and also keeping in touch with them. People usually expect others to come to them. This usually does not happen and it is up to the job seeker to do the following up. If a job seeker has a potential lead then he should be able to follow it up well.

8. Patience is the Key

being patient

One has to have patience and if you are not patient then you are letting out your wrong side. Do not be afraid of building relations. Lack of patience will hamper your reputation.

9. Be Grateful

be grateful

Being grateful is important and you have to thank your contacts for even a small favour. Not thanking might create a wrong impression. This is not what one would want others to feel. Thus it is always a must to thank people.

10. Be Well Dressed

be well dressed

Being well dressed is another important part of networking well. People usually recognise and remember a person by their attire. Being well dressed is thus the key to improving contacts and one should not forget to do this.