Rudy Giuliani Leadership Quotes

Rudy Giuliani Leadership Quotes

Rudy Giuliani Leadership Quotes

Rudolph William Louis "Rudy" Giuliani is an American lawyer, businessman, public speaker, and former mayor of New York City.   He was the Mayor of New York City during the September 11 attacks in 2001.

Rudy Giuliani played an important role in the response to the World Trade Center towers terrorist attack. The 72-year-old supported Donald Trump during the election campaign and is poised to join Trump’s Cabinet. 

"Leaders need to be optimists. Their vision is beyond the present." - Rudy Giuliani

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"You've got to be who you are. You've got to be honest with people. If your views change on something, you've got to be willing to express it." - Rudy Giuliani

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"When you confront a problem you begin to solve it." - Rudy Giuliani

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"Change is not a destination, just as hope is not a strategy." - Rudy Giuliani

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"Revenge is not a noble sentiment, but it is a human one." - Rudy Giuliani

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"We should be tolerant, fair, open, and we should understand the rights that all people have in our society." - Rudy Giuliani

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"Donald Trump is a leader. He will reassert America's position as the nation with the best values to lead the world." - Rudy Giuliani

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"Courage is being afraid, but then doing what you have to do anyway." - Rudy Giuliani

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There are many qualities that make a great leader. But having strong beliefs, being able to stick with them through popular and unpopular times, is the most important characteristic of a great leader. - Rudy Giuliani

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You have to be willing - you have strong ideas, you have strong views, but you have to be willing also to look at experience. - Rudy Giuliani

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"I think that sometimes the most intelligent things that prosecutors do is when they exercise their discretion not to go forward with a case." - Rudy Giuliani

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