Phrases you Should Never Say to Avoid People from Disliking You

Phrases you Should Never Say to Avoid People from Disliking You

Phrases you Should Never Say to Avoid People from Disliking You

Communication is the key to successful interaction and when one fails in this crucial aspect of relationships and acquaintance things become difficult to mend. This brings us to understand the importance of common phrases in everyday interaction.

Phrases and Their Importance

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Yes…But is a common usage that is so typical in all conversations. However, it is best avoided as it is usually used to make an opinion look forced or make a criticism sound more acceptable. It could have an adverse reaction and most of us usually may lose interest when we hear these words. “Yes…but” normally gives the impression that a person may not be paying attention to what is being said. A person who is really attentive to what is said would always listen first and then give an opinion later.

How Is A “Yes…But” Phrase used


This very commonly used phrase could be used in the following situations.

When There is a Break-UP

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When one is in a relationship one could find questions which are very personal and true. If to any of these emotional questions the answer begins with a “yes..but” then it is most likely that the partner is not comfortable and is finding fault in the entire interaction. This indicates that the pair is not compatible with each other. The phrase thus is damaging to the relationship.

When it is an Indirect Compliment

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Often we seek compliments from our near ones. When we seek an opinion in the form of a compliment then any reply which begins with a “Yes…but” could be damaging. This could be an indirect statement on the truth and could augur badly for the relation. The “yes” indicates politeness but the “but” indicates that there is something that is not acceptable. Thus the “Yes…but” phrase is best avoided here too.

While Refusing An Invitation


An invitation is something that is very personal for the person who is inviting and the person who is invited may best avoid a “Yes…but” phrase  here. Here the unwanted phrase would create more damage than ever and it would look like an excuse not to go for the event.

While Asking For  Assistance

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Many a time one reaches out and asks for help to someone around them. At this point of time if the person who is being asked to help uses the “Yes..but” phrase it could augur badly for both. Obviously, the person who is asking for help is in trouble and needs help and if he or she gets a “Yes…but” it would be so difficult for them. It obviously means a no and this hurts .

While Giving Support


Support is the main bond that keeps relations together. Often we find that when we need to reassured the most we seek the solace of our friends, relations, and close ones. At this point of time if someone uses a “Yes…but” then the person really feels distraught and upset. It is best to avoid this at such times.

To Seek  Approval

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When one needs to finish everyday chores in an independent manner one surely would love to know if things are going well. When you ask someone for reassurance and you get a “yes..but’’ in return it almost kills our confidence. The very purpose of our asking is reduced to a self-doubt which is really the last thing we should get into.

While Rejecting Someone


When one has to reject someone or something it is always better to be open about it and be frank. If one uses a “Yes…but” phrase here, then things really do not look genuine hence making the rejection a total fake situation. This also leads to confused reactions.

Having the right phrases is the key to perfect communication in relations.