How to Set Goals and Achieve Them

How to Set Goals and Achieve Them

How to Set Goals and Achieve Them

The goals are the required to get ahead in life. They trigger passion in us and assist us to achieve great things in life. In order to achieve goals, planning is highly essential. Plan things according to your potential and stay focused to achieve them. There may be situations when you feel demoralized. But don't lose hope. You should be inclined towards or bent upon achieving the desired goal.

But, the most critical thing which is required to get started is the initial step, that is having a goal. The rest of the things will happen with a little determination and commitment to work. Is it enough if you have an initial knowledge as to what you should do to achieve predetermined goals? Here is a detailed account of what you have to do from setting your goals till you achieve them.

Have an Idea as to What to Achieve

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First, answer your own question as to what to achieve? Don't strive to achieve somebody else's goal. Find out things which interest you.  Set goals which will help to achieve your dreams. The process of setting goals is most commonly influenced by extrinsic and intrinsic factors. Remember to set a goal which would not restrict you from having a good relationship between your near and dear ones.

Plan Out

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After getting a basic idea as to what to achieve, then proceed to plan out as to what you have to do. Decide on what to achieve first and how to achieve it? Narrow down the things you want to achieve. Try to constantly supply instruction to your mind to let it guide you through the correct path. This will help you to go down the line and pick the most appropriate thing to achieve.

Be Practical and Sensible

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Always set a goal which is achievable. Use your rationale to turn down or knock out the goals which are not achievable. For example, you belong to a middle- income group family. But you plan to buy a mansion with 4-5 bedrooms is not possible at least in the near future. So set a goal of buying a bungalow enough for your family to live in. Make it a point that your goals are measurable to check the progress made.

Focus on What you Want to Achieve

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Put your heart and soul to achieve what you want to achieve. Try writing it in a notebook and keep it in a conspicuous place to refer it quite frequently.

Find out Possible Bottlenecks in your Efforts


Find out the hindering factors which restrict you from reaching your goal. Do something to eliminate the monkey wrench in the works. This will help you to achieve goals faster.

Start Working on Goals Immediately

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Don't waste time thinking about the goals deeper. Start working on it immediately, which will help to increase the pace at which you have to work.

Record the Progress Made

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This is a very important step because you come to understand the pitfalls and the extent of progress made. It will help you to improve by avoiding spending time on unnecessary factors.

Learn from Failures


It is hard to motivate yourself when faced with failures. But you should consider failures as opportunities and go on till you achieve your goals.

These are the factors which help you to set goals and achieve them.