Stop Punishing Yourself - 30 Things To Do

Stop Punishing Yourself - 30 Things To Do

Stop Punishing Yourself - 30 Things To Do

Although life isnt fair, it does have its charms provided one sticks to some of the most resilient strategies to enjoy the hidden possibilities and the opportunities it has to offer. Although life isn't fair, it does have its charms provided one sticks to some of the most resilient strategies to enjoy the hidden possibilities and the opportunities it has to offer. 

1. Stop Being a Pretentious Schmuck

stop being a pretentious schmuck

Things aren't right and you aren't Superman either.

2. Stop Blaming

stop blaming

No one is responsible for your fall. Not even you. Get up and get it right.

3. Quit Being 'Everything'

quit being everything

Multi-tasking is good but only for robots; unfortunately not for you.

4. Don’t Hide Your Problems

dont hide your problems

No one is perfect. One must conquer his/her fears to face the punch thrown at them. It doesn't matter if you fall, what matters is how quickly you get up and fight again. That’s the sole purpose of life - get up and get going.

5. Stop Lying to Yourself

stop lying to yourself

You can't stop lying to others; however, least you can do is to stop lying to yourself. Prior to taking chances, it is but essential to be det honest and true to oneself.

6. Quit Living Someone Else's Life

quit living someone elses life

Everyone is unique is his or her own ways. Emulating other’s life and lifestyle is very common. The day you start living 'your' life is the day you are born.

7. Let Go Off The Past

let go off the past

You can’t turn the page of a book if you are pondering over the last page again and again. Move on. There is no point holding on to what had already transpired.

8. Make Mistakes

make mistakes

To err is human. Doing something and not getting it right is by far more appreciated than doing absolutely nothing.

9. Stop Criticizing Yourself

stop criticizing yourself

Whatever you may have done, stop berating yourself. After all, it’s these mistakes that make us who we are, what we want and how we go about it.

10. Stop Searching Happiness

stop searching happiness

All great things in life are free - loyalty, honor, justice, love, freedom and peace. Happiness is within you and not outside.

11. Stop Being Discontented

stop being discontented

If you don’t love yourself, don’t blame other for not loving you. It’s you alone who's got to take care, love and respect yourself.

12. Say 'Goodbye' to Negativity

say goodbye to negativity

Before you blame your stars, it’s advisable to flush negative people out of your life. Don’t let anyone suck the happiness out of you.

13. Pull Yourself From Blind Faith

pull yourself from blind faith

Trust is an expensive trait; don’t expect it from cheap people. Do not build blind trust on others, no matter how close they are.

14. Stop Kicking the Opportunity

stop kicking the opportunity

If you feel you are not ready; truth is that you never will. Opportunity is what makes us grow from inside out, beyond our imagination at the first place.

15. Don’t Jump Into Any Conclusions

dont jump into any conclusions

There are three sides to every story; yours, theirs and the truth. Jumping to conclusions ruins everything.

16. Stop Pretending

stop pretending

Let go off anything that doesn't serve you, love you are makes you who you are.

17. Stop Being Jealous

stop being jealous

Jealously won’t affect anyone else except you.

18. Stop Saying 'No'

stop saying no

Just because past didn't work out the way it should be, it no way determines the new relationships or opportunities.

19. Quit Competing

quit competing

Though being competitive is good, excess of it can take some heavy toll on you. Compete with yourself first. Others can wait.

20. Stop Being Lazy

stop being lazy

Get active and get a life. A part of it, as a matter of fact, is already lost.

21. Quit Holding Grudges

quit holding grudges

The only thing that's holding you back are the grudges – let them go.

22. Stop Being 'Sorry'

stop being sorry

You are way over it; don’t apologize to yourself if it didn't work out for you.

23. Forgive Yourself

forgive yourself

Better than all, forgive yourself and start afresh. There is more to life than holding on to something that’s not yours.

24. Stop Explaining

stop explaining

You don’t owe anyone anything - stop explaining.

25. Stop Overlooking Small Stuff

stop overlooking small stuff

The beauty of small things is what really matters.

26. Stop Comparing

stop comparing

Appreciate uniqueness and let go off comparisons

27. Stop Being 'Monotonous'

stop being monotonous

Take a break, run away from the usual schedule. You'll love it.

28. Stop Manipulating

stop manipulating

Let the things be as they are.

29. Stop Being Ungrateful

stop being ungrateful

Be grateful to everything - despair, loss, etc. Things will change dramatically.

30. Stop 'Worrying'

stop worrying

Fear of the unknown, breadth of the fool. Quit it and let free.

Without exception, we tend to get attracted to these. Reflect a bit on the list and see how dramatically life changes.