Virat Kohli Facing Breakup

Virat Kohli Facing Breakup

Virat Kohli Facing Breakup

Nothing in India gets as much attention and fan following than the worlds of movies and cricket. The big screen and the stadium are a part of the annual pilgrimage that a true fan makes to many times each year.


The actors and cricketers are followed by fans for their on-field and on-screen performances with hardcore enthusiasm and these are the same fans who try and incorporate every nuance and style of their individual icons into the different aspects of their lives.

Virat Kohli, probably the most popular cricketer to be playing for the Indian cricket team today, and Anushka Sharma were being called the favorite and the best couple in the world of Bollywood and Indian cricket, although this does not seem to be the case anymore. Much to the chagrin and dismay of the fans and the media this popular couple has reportedly headed for ‘splitsville’ now.

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Everyone was surprised at this seemingly sudden decision by Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma as the couple had not hinted at things being not fine between them till now. Although speculations are ripe as to the reason of the breakup, a close source has reportedly told that marriage was the point of disagreement between the two and has been an issue from quite a long time now as both Virat and Anushka had been considering going their separate ways.

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Reportedly, Virat and Anushka had been thinking of taking the next big step in their relationship and Virat had started preparing it by following the custom of growing the beard. Anushka, however, is not ready for a marriage at the moment and instead wishes to focus on her career which has significantly gone uphill after the blockbuster ‘PK’ and her home-production ‘NH-10’.

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The couple reportedly got into a heated argument a few days back and has not been on speaking terms since then. To show his disappointment Virat has reportedly trimmed his beard as well as un-followed Anushka on social networking sites such as Twitter and Instagram although Anushka has not done so.

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Virat and Anushka started dating almost two years back since the couple started visiting each other during their work trips and was made official soon by the couple. Their relationship has faced flak many times, mostly when Virat’s on-field performance has been unsatisfactory in the matches that Anushka is reported to have watched in the stadium and fans blame this ‘distraction’ as the cause of the Indian hitter’s poor form.

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Fans got a hint about the breakup when Virat is reported to have tweeted a selfie along with his post on Twitter confirming the breakup but was soon removed by the cricketer. Nevertheless the hardcore fans were quick to notice this and the news spread to all corners of the Internet within a short period of time.

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Following the breakup Virat is busy celebrating India’s win against Australia in the Australian T20 while Anushka is reportedly busy working for her Salman Khan-starrer ‘Sultan’. Fans are still in hope that the charming cricketer and the beautiful actress will reconsider their decision and things will again become rosy between the couple once more.