When Things Go Wrong, Hang on to that Positive Attitude: 10 Steps

When Things Go Wrong, Hang on to that Positive Attitude: 10 Steps

When Things Go Wrong, Hang on to that Positive Attitude: 10 Steps

When things go wrong... Well there's not much we can do about that. But staying positive despite the world crumbling around you can help you recover from that disaster.

So when things go wrong, here's 10 steps to keep your positive attitude.

Step 1. Stop

stay calm and cool

When disaster strikes and you feel all hope is lost, calm down, slow your roll and try to keep those negative emotions at bay. This will carry you on to the next step.

Step 2. Find Comfort

find comfort

If you have the time, go home, find a place, a thing, a snack that makes you feel better and will help you stay positive about the world.

Step 3. What Did You Lose?

what did you lose

Staying positive means you are strong enough to ask yourself, what exactly did I lose? Is it big, is it trivial, does this truly require any more attention? Losing something big/ something really bad happening can be devastating, but acknowledgement is the first step to acceptance.

Step 4. Accept What You Have Lost

accept what you have lost

Accepting the problem is a crucial step to stay positive. Realize that it probably can't be undone (unless you're a timelord) and move on instead of worrying.

Step 5. Look at the Bright Side

look at bright side

There's always something worse that could've happened. That's always a good mantra for situations like this. Look at what you still have, be thankful and you'll still probably find something to smile about.

Step 6. Light at the End of the Tunnel.

keep moving

You can get through this, that mindset can help you keep that positive attitude and get through whatever it is that is troubling you.

Step 7 . Call a Friend

call a friend

When things go south, having a shoulder to lean on will help you stay positive. Sharing the negative feelings that are coming in can help get them out of your system. And who knows your friend might even help you find a solution.

Step 8. Focus on Fixing Things

focus on fixing things

If you need to make amends, do so. Keep your mind focused on what you can fix, what you can make better. Plan things out and the positivity will follow as your situation gradually improves.

Step 9. (Optional Step) Distance Yourself

getting away

If things really get too out of hand, sometimes getting away from it for a while could make it easier for you to cope and stay positive. Getting away from the negativity could help you grow your reservoir of good vibes as you prepare to challenge the problem once again. This step is optional and should only be used if the problem gets too intense for you to handle.

Step 10. What Could Have Been Done

what could have been done

When all is said and done, it is important to analyze the situations and events that lead to the bad things happening. Afterwards, ask yourself what you could have done better to avoid the circumstance, or even ask yourself what you could've done while reacting to the circumstance. Keeping a positive attitude means knowing everything will be fine. You'll have a much easier time knowing you're prepared next time it happens.

Bad things happen all the time, staying positive through it all will help you get over it. I hope this helped.