Key Things Millennials Need to Know About Landing Desirable High-Paying Jobs

Key Things Millennials Need to Know About Landing Desirable High-Paying Jobs

Key Things Millennials Need to Know About Landing Desirable High-Paying Jobs

Hunting for jobs is a necessity that people need to do in order to ensure their financial and professional survival. There’s also the added challenge of competing against so many skilled and intelligent individuals for desirable but limited positions, which just makes job hunting a daunting prospect for the average person. This is especially true for the generation born between the early 1980s to the early 2000s, otherwise known as the millennials.

Though millennials are often being talked about in mainstream media as the generation who grew up with the birth and rise of the internet, they still get a lot of flack from previous generations for being a demographic cohort that often exhibits this air of entitlement and lack of pragmatism. In fact, these unfortunate attributes have actually hindered countless millenials from finding suitable jobs that appeal to their preferences and skill sets.


If you’re a millennial who is having difficulty landing that elusive dream job, then you’re definitely in luck. This guide will help you navigate the tricky obstacles that millennials often face when trying to search for jobs that pay really well and cater to their specific strengths. No longer will you have to suffer the indignity of having lucrative job opportunities pass you by now that you possess the knowledge of how to overcome the stigma of being a millennial.

Be intelligent with your questioning

A good way to impress recruiters from human resources is to not focus the conversation about monetary compensation or the ancillary benefits you’ll be receiving, but instead steer the discussion towards opportunties for you to advance your career goals. This is a better strategy for you to employ when you’re doing the job interview rounds because it gives the solid impression that you’re much more interested in your personal growth.


You’ll have a better chance of getting the job you want if you’re more interested about how you are able to become part of a company’s growth rather than how a company is able to compensate you for your work. Asking the right questions to recruiters based on your career aspirations will facilitate an insightful conversation about what your goals are, as well as allowing human resource associates to get to know you better on a personal level.

Promote the positives of millennials

Despite the common criticisms lobbed towards millennials, the generation still has plenty of positive traits that companies look for when hiring employees. For instance, millennials are often perceived to be incredibly focused and deeply motivated if they are given the opportunity to prove themselves. That being said, you should make it a point to advertise your key strengths as a way to ensure that recruiters will look at you with genuine approval.


Furthermore, many human resource managers tend to view millennials as extremely proficient when it comes to using the latest advancements in technology, which is a necessary skill to have when working for a company that’s constantly improving. They say that the best defense is a good offense, so make sure that you are proactive with the promotion of your abilities in order for you to make a good impression with recruiters.

Demystify negative impressions

As much as you would like to outright skirt the issue, there’s definitely no avoiding any stereotypes or preconceived notions recruiters may have of you if they know that you are a millennial. You may encounter interviewers who might point out all the bad things that millennials are often accused of such as the unwillingness to start out at the bottom of the career ladder, or worse, call millennials out for having an astonishing level of entitlement.


The best way to counteract their negative perceptions about your generation is to simply let your skills and intelligence speak for themselves. Recruiters are more likely to respond well to your presence if they can see that you present yourself well during the interview and manage to receive high marks for any admission tests they might throw your way. When that happens, recruiters will then begin to see you in a whole new positive light.

Seek mentorship from older generations

When in doubt about how to approach the art of job hunting, it’s best for you to seek the guidance of your parents or older people that you know who belong to a generation that came before you. This is strongly encouraged because older generations have acquired years of wisdom that allowed them to understand the finer points of navigating your career, especially if these people have gone through so many jobs in their lifetime.


Developing your career is vital, and professionals who happen to be veterans in their field are a great source of insider information if you need the details on how to snag a job and the things you need to do in order to sustain said job for the long haul. The knowledge that you will gain from your mentors will aid you in your quest to nab that dream job you’ve been chasing, and their assistance shall prove to be invaluable if you manage to get hired.

Think positively despite rejections

The reality of the situation here is that you can never please everyone despite your best efforts, so don’t take it too hard if there are certain companies who won’t hire you, especially if you’re a millennial who is just starting out on the career food chain. In fact, you shouldn’t feel dejected, demoralized, or discouraged just because there are places who didn’t hire you; think about all of the countless possibilities still waiting for you out there!


Don’t believe that myth that you must have years and years of experience if you want to get the job you want, because a lot of companies nowadays are hiring based on the strengths and skills of an individual, regardless of when they were born and how long they have been working in the professional arena. For as long as you are able to stay positive, have a great attitude, and a strong work ethic, you’ll be able to face rejections like water off a duck’s back until you find that place who is willing to take a bright and young millennial like you.