15 Signs of High Emotional Intelligence

15 Signs of High Emotional Intelligence

15 Signs of High Emotional Intelligence

To what extent do you think you are emotionally intelligent? Check it out as it is the demand of the day. Emotionally intelligent people not only master their thoughts but also navigate social complexities to achieve the best possible results.

15 signs of high EQ mentioned here will let you know where you stand.

1. Do not Regret the Past

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An emotionally intelligent person does not ponder over the past and spoils the present moment. They don’t waste time on petty issues of the past but are ardent to move ahead in life which leads them to progress.

2. Fascinated by Human Behavior

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Each person has some special quality in him. An emotionally intelligent person has a bird’s eye to sort out that quality and enhance it in his own favor to be successful.

3. Positive Thinker

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They are not only always embedded with positivity but they also let others also adopt the same attitude and become optimistic as they are well aware of the fact that even slight negativity can ruin all the strengths of an individual.

4. Far-Sightedness

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It is their far-sightedness that makes them exceptional and leaders, as whatever goals they set, they toil hard to achieve it taking others also into confidence.

5.  Awareness of their Drawbacks and Strength

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Emotionally intelligent person instead of drooling over their drawbacks make their strength stronger to overcome their weaknesses.

6. Not Obsessed About Future

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They set goals which are within their reach and are not obsessed with their future. They are confident of achieving them so they are comfortable living in the present.

7. Follow Moral Compass

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Emotionally intelligent people are ethical in their personal and professional life. They have set moral values to which they stick strictly. Though they have different attitudes according to the person but their high standards govern their behavior.

8. Take their Stand

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They are not the ones who follow people; instead, they take their stand even if they have to go against someone. They have guts to say no and take others also in confidence to follow them.

9. Equality


Emotional intelligent people do not go for the race, religion, age, influential people, gender etc. They treat everyone equally as they are of the notion that we all are human beings and have something essentially good in us.

10. Motivational Factor

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They are optimistic and always motivational. They push others to do better, taking each day. They live each moment of life as an adventure and as a learning process.

11. Firm in Desire

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As they are of determined attitude, they strive for success. They face the set- backs or shortcomings boldly and won’t quit till the end.

12.  Firm Grasp on Life

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It is difficult for someone to offend them as they have a firm grasp over themselves and their self-confident. Their open-mindedness makes them thick skin. They have the guts to poke fun at themselves and are not shattered by other people making fun of them.

13. Read People like a Book

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Emotionally intelligent people can very well judge the people by not only their language but also by their physical gestures. They can easily read other people’s mind. At the same time, they are not judgmental about anyone.

14. Skilled Listener

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Apart from being a good communicator, they are also good listeners and give heed to everyone’s advice or problems though they take their ultimate decision.

15. Let Go of Mistakes

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They do not contemplate over their mistakes but go ahead and keep those mistakes in mind so that they do not repeat them in future. They learn from their mistakes as they have the tendency to get up every time they fall.